No fast forward on PC Pro podcast

I’ve been using antennapod for years and have been generally quite happy. I’m using version 2.6.2 under Android 8.1.0.

A few months ago I started noticing that on one particular podcast, PC Pro Magazine, antennapod no longer showed the fast forward button. (The reverse button also went away.) This happened around the time the podcast started having low-quality and intrusive ads, so it was particularly irritating. After a few weeks the problem seemed to go away, but today I noticed it was happening again. I found that after I opened a different podcast (I think Linux Unplugged) and went back to PC Pro the fast-forward button reappeared.

I haven’t noticed this problem with any other podcasts. Has anyone else noticed the same thing?

That’s weird and I haven’t seen it before. Were you streaming or downloading the episode?

I almost always download the episode for all podcasts. Hmm… do you think it was actually streaming, not playing from the downloaded file?

One of the problems with streaming is that I would like to use it to sample the first minute or two of a podcast to decide whether it’s worth downloading, but once I’ve started streaming a podcast I haven’t found a way to change to downloading. Maybe I missed something.

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