Notification about errors say "null"

App version: 2.4.2 F.-Droid

Android version:9

Device model: Poco F1

Expected behaviour:
Download errors mention the problematic podcast

Current behaviour:
the android system notification prints:

"download finished with error
*null (not supported feed type)
*null : the server served a website instead of a feed

Thanks for reporting this error. Could you take a look at Downloads->Log and see which feed had the error?

I think one of the feeds you subscribed to is no longer publishing to the original URL you subscribe to. If that is the case, you should unsubscribe and search for thr podcast and add again (if it still exists)

The problem is that a few other feeds have small issues and i am drowning in “we repaired the issue” messages.
The report was about being able to find the problematic feed by name :wink:

AntennaPod 2.6.0 will display the Url when no title is available: Use feed url in error messages when no title is available by ByteHamster · Pull Request #5762 · AntennaPod/AntennaPod · GitHub


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