One podcast/feed causes app to close ( every other podcast works )

App version:
AntennaPod version: 1.8.1 6e6a64f50 ( google play store )

Android version:
Android version: 9 zerofltexx

Device model:

Expected behaviour:
Podcast should play in foreground or background normally

Current behaviour:
Only this specific podcast ( every episode after updating from 1.8.0 ) starts playing but the app closes after 15 to 30 seconds ( never after a set period of time ). Crash Info has crash info from 07-09-2020, so am I right in assuming that the StackTrace is from 07-09-2020 , too and the app did not crash?

Culprit :

First occurred:
About a month ago?

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Subscribe to podcast feeds dot bloomberg dot fm/BLM2236960495
  2. Set podcast to autodownload , once the latest podcast is downloaded play podcast
  3. Leave the phone for a while or try to send app to the background, after a bit ( 15 - 30 seconds ) podcast stops playing
  4. Cannot be repated with any other podcast form bloomberg or other podcast networks.


  • AutoDownload : Yes
  • No external headphones, bluetooth etc
  • PowerSaving for AntennPod app is disabled
  • Phone screen timeout does not affect any other podcast
  • Insured that the audio file has fully downloaded before playing ( to rule out streaming related timeout )
  • Tried with radios on and radios off to rule out something to do with the network state
  • Downloaded the podcast MP3 seperately and played it in VLCAndroid to see if the audio file has a problem

{ Edited for clarity }

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