Option to always display filename for local folders

When adding a local folder, Antennapod displays the title tag and if that is unset, it uses the filename.

However, for local files (randomly gathered somewhere) it is quite often the case the tags are a mess. I would really appreciate an option to (just for local folders) always use the filename. I know i could clear the tags manually but that sounds like a lot of unnecessary work for files I only want to listen once and then forget about.


I fully agree. The site from which I download the radio shows I listen to (not available as a subscription podcast) has recently started adding the show name tag to the files. Now all the shows in my antenna pod directory all have the same title!

Unrelated, but could you suggest me some of those shows you can only download? I am kinda interested on how are they are only available that way

Most of content here: Rozhlasové hry a audioknihy | Český rozhlas

It is mostly plays and audio books produced by the Czech Radio. They only have them licensed for a limited amount of time so they can only be streamed from their website. With videodownloadhelper, i can download them, but that is not officially supported.

I download whole shows of Sports Radio 1310 AM The Ticket, a Marconi-winning sports/talk station here in Dallas, from usave.it. Some of the funniest radio content I’ve ever heard. The P1 plan is the way to go. Ad-free option is well worth the premium.