Option to repeat queue

Is there a setting/option I’m not seeing that would allow me to select several downloaded podcast episodes to be queued and played and then repeat playing what’s in the queue rather than dequeuing? Something akin to a playlist. I use another app currently and start some episodes when I go to bed and leave the list playing over and over through the night so I catch things I fell asleep during and clear out what I heard completely when I wake up.


That feature sounds like a playlist feature of most music apps.

  1. Select a few episodes
  2. Add to ‘sleep’ playlist
  3. Play playlist
  4. Set loop
  5. Select episodes, remove from playlist and remove from queue

AntennaPod does not have this feature though

Thanks - does that seem like something I should add as a feature request or is it not really in line with the philosophy of AntennaPod?