Per podcast resume episode behaviour

App version: 2.4.1 F-Droid

Problem you may be having, or feature you want:
Per podcast resume button and customizable behaviour for it.

Suggested solution:
Some podcasts work differently, some of them might be serialized episodes that have to be listened one after the other. Others are self contained and don’t really need to be listened to in order.

I would love to have a way to either resume where I left off, or resume the next episode based off the previously played ones.

Or maybe have a way to set a podcast as “played” after an amount of time happens, even if its not done yet.

I see this like Tachiyomi or Aniyomi, the former is a Manga reader and the later also supports Anime.

Both have a resume button, so instead of scrolling the first 100 chapters of a series until I get to the one I wanna read, I can just tap that button.

Aniyomi keeps track of watched anime, but since credits and such are a thing, it will set an episode as “Watched” once its progress is above 80%.

Both these features would be great, because I have a lot of listened podcasts that have a lot of almost done episodes that I wont listen to since thwy are just credits or endings but I still have to mark them as played myself.

Another fratire that would be noce to have, but didnt feel like making another post (since nobody has replied to this one so far)

It would be great to add more parameters for autodownloaded episode deletion.

Like, delete if it hasnt been listened to for a week, or if you’ve played 5 streamed episodes without playing any downooaded one.

Ideally these numbers should be customizable. I think there are other triggers that could be added but I am running out of time while typing this.


Since nobody has replied to me yet… :cry: I think I’ll use this again for another feature request.

If I set a podcast to a different playback speed, it would be good to know the real remaining time instead of just seeing the seconds go faster in the progress bar. I think it would be pretty usegul, since I get to know how much will it actually take to finish an episode.

Right now I am at 2.5.0 from F-Droid

There is already a setting for that. “Time respects playback speed”.

Thank you for that, its in:
Settings > Playback > Playback control > Adjust media info to playback speed
in case anyone’s looking for it.

I still would like to have the main thing I mentioned here.

A way to resume playback of the next episode inside a podcast, so I don’t have to scroll just to find the episode next. As done in apps like Tachiyomi!