Playback notification problems

App version: 2.5.1 (from F-Droid)

Android version: 11 (One UI 3.1)

Device model: Samsung A22 5G

Expected behaviour: After playback is stopped, it should be able to be resumed via the playback notification.

Current behaviour:
Persistent playback notification is turned on in the settings:
If playback is stopped and resumed after some time, a new notification will be added, while the old one remains with no way to dismiss it and not allowing interactions. This process can be repeated, each time creating a new zombie notification.

With Persistent playback notification turned off:
If playback is stopped, the notification removes the standard playback buttons, replacing them with a generic play symbol. If I try to resume it after some time, the button will not react and the podcast episode can only be resumed by opening the app and starting it from there.

First occurred: some weeks ago

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Stop playback
  2. Try to resume playback via the notification after a while

Environment: Changed settings are stated above.

Is this still an issue with newer versions? Version 2.6.1 should be hitting F-Droid shortly.

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