Release of next version?

I’m noticing that github still has the “latest release” as version 1.8.3 and so does F-droid. Is this just an oversight or are you waiting for something?

In 2.0.0, we noticed a bigger number of crashes than usual. Version 2.0.1 is now slowly starting to roll out to Google Play users. As soon as it is 100% rolled out, the build will come to F-Droid, too. The reason is that F-Droid does not have a way to stop a roll-out when noticing problems.


What was the purpose of having so many beta versions rolled out over the beta channel if the 2.0.0 version was still quite crash prone? I think it’s time to consider adding a automatic crash logger to Antennapod itself to minimize these issues since even beta testers are not enough to report all the crashes that take place within Antennapod. This has been the slowest rollout of any Antennapod release ever.

That’s true. The reason is that 2.0.0 is basically a rewrite of huge parts of the user interface. Such things occasionally break :slight_smile:

The beta allowed to fix dozens of crashes. The crash that prevented releasing 2.0.0 was discovered during the beta but my fix made it crash even more often (0.6% of the testers experienced it).

Google already reports crashes. No need to add it to AntennaPod.

If you want to get updates faster, you can contribute by helping others in this forum. Every time you (instead of someone from the core team) help users with their questions, we have more time for preparing updates.

Fair enough. I might end up doing that since I’m new. I made an account just because this release seemed to take half a year to finalize and I still don’t have it.


Hi there,
I’ve moved this to a new thread to keep the other one focused on communication. And welcome @Podder and @Sean_White to our forum! :slight_smile: If you want, it’d be cool if you share your AntennaPod story here!

Now, on topic: it’s been a long wait indeed. Large part of the wait was also caused by the new logo - it took us a lot of time processing all the voting data and get to a version we are really happy with. I might have been certainly was too optimistic on how fast we could wrap up that whole process.

But, with the great help of @ByteHamster I drew up a list of all the changes in 2.0.1 (vis-à-vis 1.8.1). And I must say: it’s quite impressive! You can have a look here, below (wanted to upload an odt file, but that doesn’t currently seem possible).

Full list of changes

special mention: new app logo & icon #4441


  • option to export favourites to HTML file #4106
  • ask user if they prefer streaming to download, when streaming a lot #4121
  • feed settings to reduce its volume (none/light/heavy), skip its episodes’ intro and ending #3975 #3248
  • include modern security provider (Conscrypt) to fix SSL issues on older Android versions [F-Droid] #4077
  • app shortcuts to directly refresh, or go to episodes, subscriptions or queue #3748
  • notification when episodes have been auto-downloaded #3839
  • ‘special thanks’ screen to credit individuals for contributions other than code or translations #4386
  • option to preview episodes when adding new podcasts #4177 #4039 #3882
  • possibility to export latest crash log #3886
  • support for chapter images (only for new episodes) #3838
  • statistics screen to show storage size of episodes on device #3523
  • support for “Subscribe on Android” links on websites #3739


  • more fail-safe adding of feeds #4301
  • support for feeds that don’t specify episode duration #4162
  • theme switching by keeping settings opened #4125
  • support for RTL languages #4097 #4020 #4046 and other localisation improvements #4096 #4088 #4047 #4032
  • show warning when importing database #4011
  • performance improvements #3998 #3997 #3996 #3993 #3992 #3989 #3991
  • fast scrolling available across all lists & screens #3995
  • show dialog instead of notification when attempting streaming over mobile network #4324 #3897
  • datestamp in filenames of all exports (database, opml and html) #3980
  • better in-app search experience: faster, don’t display episodes if podcast matches, added progress bar #3830 #3715 #3714
  • display podcast author instead of feed URL when searching for new podcasts #3762
  • updated translations in 28 languages: br, ca, cs, da, de, es, et, eu, fa, fi, fr, gl, hu, hi, it, iw, ja, ko, lt, nb, nl, pl, pt-rBR, pt, ru, sv, uk, zh-rCN & zh-rTW
  • prevent Google snooping on WebView (show notes) #3877
  • stop attempting automatic downl oad when content is not available any-more #3848
  • increase button sizes on notification & lock screen #3840
  • Allow to click timecodes in item screen, not just on the player screen #3813
  • applied design to html subscriptions export #3796
  • decrease likelyhood of duplicates after gpodder sync #3690
  • paged loading on the ‘new episodes’ list #3711


  • pretty display of episode art now in landscape view #4292
  • greatly improved support for video feeds #4306 #4306 #4105 #4002 #4000 #3858
  • more spacious player screen for easier tapping #4174
  • darker dark theme #4138
  • improved audio description of elements (TalkBack accessibility) #4132
  • no more shouting, caps-locked buttons #4107
  • tweaked podcast view & transitions #4069
  • consistent colour use #4036 #3981
  • several other improvements #4043
  • easier to understand sorting options #4004
  • improve statistics screen, especially for smaller screens & in landscape mode #4005 #3873 #3821 #3751
  • updated queue icon #3960
  • prettier lists: unify all lists, rounded image corners, display favourite status, display episode duration whenever possible, more subtle drag handles in queue #4015 #3937 #3827 #3957
  • updated ‘add podcast’ screen: cleaner, more proposed podcasts, pre-fill URL from clipboard when adding from, clearer alternative search options URL #3936
  • fancier header on podcast screen with animation & other improvements #3923 #3927 #3922
  • new speed indicator with animation #3785
  • smoother spinner in refresh button when updating feeds #3874
  • updated episode detail screen: bigger image, everything left-aligned, reduced line thickness #3854
  • updated player screen: cleaner screen, sharper buttons, improved display of cover image & episode information, wider seek bar for easier scrolling #3856 #3857
  • cleaner sleep timer dialogs #4174 #3811
  • indicate with open circle in player screen tabs when there are no chapters #3817
  • improved import/export settings screen #3794
  • consistently use the term ‘podcast’ instead of ‘feed’ #3763
  • add summary for each of the categories on the main settings screen #3745


  • issues with time stamp links in show notes #4286 #4023 #3825
  • app unusable after removing SD card storage #4270
  • don’t always pass on correct useragent to server #4272 #4008 #3931
  • database import not working or causing a crash in some cases #4269 #3832 #3831
  • played/unplayed state in downloads not updated while playing podcast #4250
  • service notification intendedly persistent #4199 and tapping loads wrong screen #4197
  • issues with searching & subscribing to podcasts #4179, #4147, #4110 #4024
  • issues with gpodder sync #4100 #3970
  • embedded episode images not being used #4059
  • player sometimes not updating #3966
  • sidebar menu sometimes highlighting wrong item #3958
  • “confirm” text not visible when entering private feed credential 3948
  • default sort order not selected for newly added podcasts #3926
  • error in download log not always showing podcast title #3921
  • multi select crops long episode titles #3920
  • app crashes when trying to resume streaming after a while #3881
  • changing default playback speed while playing podcast does not work correctly #3819
  • seeking not possible in edge cases with variable bitrate #3782

I’d be curious to hear what you think is most interesting/exciting for you personally!


With any software, seeing continue progress, fixes and enhancements that align well with the user community shows that the software is well maintained.

I do think getting the fixes in the hands of the people who experience pain (crashes, bugs or a really seek after feature) would go a long way to build a loyal user base. 1/2 year is way too long. Maybe we can set a goal of regularly 3 month releases to start from now on?

I don’t think anybody would disagree with that :wink:

Sure, it’s been rather long. ByteHamster reminded me a few times also that we needed to get to the next step, because both Google and our users don’t like a long period without releases.

But believe me: we’ve spent a loooooot of hours on building a loyal user base by engaging them in an important decision: our new brand. A rebranding process is simply a lot of work, and we had to do it on the side (of our daily occupation).

So in this case I’d hope our user base would cut us some slack :wink:

Hopefully we’ll have and more contributors who can take up different tasks around the project, so release cycles can & will be short(er).


Yes, I have follow a bit of your work in the logo redesign, congrats on the very positive feedback.

2.0 is out, looking forward to continue improvement in the product and community around AntennaPod

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I would love to have more frequent releases. The problem is that every release comes with a huge amount of work. Usually, I start with beta releases a few weeks after the previous release and it then just takes a lot of time to get everything fixed and stable. A reason for that probably is that contributors mainly add features, not bug fixes.

As for 2.1.x, I plan to enter feature-freeze state in the beginning of November (that’s when Google will no longer allow uploading 2.0.x versions because they do not target Android 11).

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Got it. Too bad the release process is so painful.

Maybe it would become less painful if we did more releases. That way, there are fewer new features per release and we therefore need fewer fixes. Let’s see how stable the 2.1.x beta versions turn out.


Yes, please. I’d take a steady stream of a few features at a time than waiting for a bunch of features.

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I would agree with @Podder.

If anyone here still uses FireFox browser, that is the model they have moved to. Just don’t copy some of their recent poor decisions, hahaha. I realize FF is multiple magnitudes larger than AP, but I think it’s a good model.

Whilst I do like fancy new features, I’d much prefer bug fixes and stability.; especially for an app that I use everyday.

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