Remove all "new" flags - expected behaviour


Android version: 12
OS version: 4.14.113-24166302
AntennaPod version: 2.6.0 (from PlayStore)
Model: SM-G973F
Device: beyond1
Product: beyond1lteeea

No crash report recorded

Expected behaviour:
→ Subscriptions
→ any subscribed podcast / context menu
→ remove all “new” flags
→ podcastpicture does not show “new”-counter overlay anymore, AKA set to 0

Current behaviour:

→ remove all “new” flags
→ “new”-counter overlay remains unchanged

First occurred: (e.g. about x days/weeks ago)
observed this some weeks ago, behaviour holds on

language settings
Occurs in German and in English

The subscription counter can be configured to be calculated in one of four different ways (and additionally be disabled). While the number of episodes marked NEW might be the default, it is thus far from the only alternative. Would switching to any of the others (e.g. Unplayed) be giving you the behavior you are expecting?

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Thanks for hinting. I played around with the various settings.

What irritates me is this:

  • a new episode appears → “new” counter goes up by 1
  • I download that episode → “new” counter goes down by 1

To me, downloading has nothing at all to with an episode being new to me. Downloading is just a tool to mitigate bad internet connection, to ensure constant audio quality without nasty interruptions.

To me, “new” is a friendly heads up “hey, have a look, Might be of interest for you.”. I then can take notice, remove the new flag “OK, got it”, and do whatever I want to. Downloading is just a physical action, which has nothing to do with me taking notice of the episode.

Is there any documentation on how all these different status flags play together?

How the NEW flag works and should be working is known as one of the major current usability issues of AntennaPod. If reading back through the forum history you can find discussions on that topic, and on rewriting the logic to have an INBOX and the closely related topic of the home screen.

Documentation is lacking, but would be a welcomed addition. If you were do search for such information, where would you look? Or to make the question more concrete, can you with your fresh eyes suggest where on Documentation – AntennaPod the biggest need for additions are? Did you find your way there already, or is the link too hidden in the app (being placed under settings)?

“New” means that you have not interacted with the episode and did not yet decide whether you are interested or not. When you download, you have indicated that you are interested in the episode, so the “new” flag is removed.

More details here: Getting started – AntennaPod

What about automatic downloads? :wink:
Again, to me this is pure technical optimization for listening pleasure and not content oriented.

In the olden days you bought casettes, vinyl, CDs and DVDs to have things at your disposal. And you kept them after usage for potential future use.

In the glory of internet and high bandwidth you stream. No local copy at all. If you want to visit it again, you stream again. Downloading is a technical mitigation.

Let’s look at the docs: …“but as streaming is becoming more and more popular”. Well,there you go.

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