Set a podcast to the top of the queue

I saw this topic from October 2020, I was wondering if there had been any update on this?

It’s something that I’ve been used to from PocketCasts for several years and is probably the only feature that I’m really missing having tried to swap to AntennaPod.


I’ve been working on this feature to set/sort by priority on the subscriptions and queue screens. However, the maintainers have not given the go-ahead with merging. Hopefully, the users like yourself request it, the more likely it is it will get added. We get many requests for new features, and we prioritize based on the demand from users as well as the effort involved. Thanks for submitting your request. Always appreciated.


Entirely agree. Moved to AntennaPod from Pocketcasts for the Smart Shuffle, but do miss this “Top of Queue” feature for time-sensitive (news mostly) podcasts.


I’d love to be able to sort all my subscriptions manually they way I want (like it’s suggested here: Manual subscription sorting ), but if it’s not possible then the ability to mark some as “favorites” and have them always on top would help.

That’s already possible. Just move all subscriptions that are not your favorites to a folder.

Sorry, can you explain? I don’t understand the suggestion. I see you can mark single episodes as favorites, but I meant the whole podcast/series.

Go to the subscriptions screen, long-press one, select “multi-select”. Now check all that are not favorites. Press the pen icon and select “edit tags”. Create a new tag/folder and un-check “show in main list”