Starting playback via Bluetooth causes phantom playback in app

App version: 2.5.0 from F-Droid

Android version: 10

Device model: LG G7

Expected behaviour: Pressing play or seek for a new episode from car’s controls causes playback to start.

Current behaviour: The expected behaviour does happen, but the app doesn’t register that the playback is happening, nor is track data being sent to the car’s radio. I can’t control the playback further using the car’s controls, and pressing play in the app on the phone causes a second instance of playback, mixing with the first. Only force closing the app causes the phantom playback to stop. When the app is playing properly after that, the progress is not kept from the phantom instance.

A similar thing happens when resuming in the middle of an episode, where the car’s controls do nothing at all. I have to start from the app.

First occurred: Not sure. Months ago.

Steps to reproduce:
Not sure exactly. The app’s notification is there, so the app is loaded, but if I haven’t been using the app for a while, or have been doing other things on the phone in the meantime is when this happens. (other things could be other apps that play media.)

Workaround is to start and pause in the app before pressing play in the car.

Environment: Car’s Bluetooth audio

No specific incident available.

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