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I would like to see support for the podcast:soundbite tag.

I use AntennaPod as my main podcast player but I recently tried Podverse and the Soundbite feature is very cool. You can see what the recent or most popular clips are from other podcasts and try them out. It helps with podcast discovery. I’m much more likely to try out a 3 minute clip from a podcast I don’t normally listen to than listen to a whole 3 hr show.

A number of podcast apps and sites are supporting the Soundbite tag. It just seems like a very useful feature for growing the whole podcast space because it makes it easier to sample podcasts you normally wouldn’t listen to. Short clips are a great way for podcasts to advertise themselves and get new listeners, and a great way for listeners to find new podcasts. Seems like the Soundbite tag would be a useful tool for both the podcast creators and listeners, so I was just wondering if AntennaPod has considered supporting it. Thanks.

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Hi @breakfastpride
Thanks for chipping in to the community forum!

Haven’t tried podverse, but see the soundbites passing by often on Mastodon. It’s great for sharing key parts on social media, also.

But in the context of discovering new podcasts, as you describe: how & where would you imagine this to display? (We could, for example, display the two most recent soundbites when adding a specific podcast, in the screen where you can already ‘preview’ episodes. But that maybe doesn’t help much with ‘discovery’.)

And how should AntennaPod ‘decide’ of which podcasts to serve a soundbite to you?

(Side note: in addition to soundbites, there’s also Trailers that might (help) do the same thing.)