Syncronisation via Gpodder doesn't work

App version: 1.8.3

Android version: 10.0 Lineage OS without gapps

Device model: Galaxy S5 - GT-I9515, Oneplus 5, etc.

Expected behaviour:
After I log in to gpodder or AntenaPod (the first time) I automatic get all feeds that I superscribed on all other device(s) where I also logged in with my gpodder account


After I log in to gPodder on AntenaPod I get shown what feeds I subscribed on other devices and i can choose which ones I want subscribe and synchronize to this new device.

Current behaviour:
after I log in to gPodder on AntenaPod I get asket to create a new device what I do. Than nothing happens. I have no chance to get the substitutions I do use on other devices to the new device.

First occurred: (e.g. about x days/weeks ago)
tried many times on many devices. Every time I had to search all my podcasts separately one by one and subscribe manually to each of them.

Environment: new install of Antenapod on different new flashed devices

how do I do this?


Have a look at this post to read more details about gpodder synchronization. It also talks about how to deal with the problem you are experiencing.

Thanks for your help. Its much appreciated! Ill try to set thinks up like suggested.

Still: as a user I would expect to be able to set up a functional synchronization by connecting the app to my existing gPodder account by only using the app.

when Using the gpodder programs on ubuntu this is exactly what is happening.

So in my opinion it remains a bug in the sense of an “unexpected behavior”. I cannot distinguish how much part of the problem lies in the responsibility of Antenanpod and how much of it is part of gPodder. I only can say that the website of gPodder does not feels guite intuitive or user friendly. Same applies for the integration of gpodder into Antenapod while the rest of the Antenapod app works quite as you would expect it.

Before posting this bug I even tried to solve the problem via the website of gPodder and failed.

As a temporally workaround: would it be possible to link this description of yours in the app so users actually have a idea how to solve this?

Hmm, displaying a text is not really user friendly. Most users probably will not read it anyway. I think we should just remove the device select screen and generate a new device name automatically. That device could then also be linked automatically before the first sync.

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