Tags / automatically mark as played

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I have to quesions:

  1. How do I delete tags? I am not talking about how to remove tas from podcasts, but ow to actually manage the tags and delete some of them. Also, how can set a filter on the subscribtions tab to only show subscriptions with a specific tag?

  2. How can I mark all subscriptions as played AT ONCE? If I import an OPML wih a few hundred subscriptions that I all want to be marked as played, how do I do this without having to go through each subscription manually?

On the 2nd question.
Go to the Subscription tab.
A. Open the Podcast
B. Long press on an episode
C. Select “Multi Select”
D. Top right corner of the screen tap the dotted square (all episodes will be highlighted)
E. Lower right corner of the screen tap the pencil icon.
F. Select “Mark As Played”

Perhaps there is an easier way to do this

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If you remove a tag from all its subscriptions (you can do that with multi-select), it no longer exists.

no, this way I would have to do it for each subscription individually. But I want it for all subscripions at once…

okay thanks. How can I filter the subscriptions by tags? Or at aleast show the tag folders at the top of the subscription grid instead of at the bottom?

Then use multi-select on the “all episodes” screen

By clicking the tag folder

If you un-check “show in main list” from all subscriptions (using multi-select), you then only have tags on the main subscriptions page. Note that you can only un-check this if the subscriptions have at least one tag (otherwise they would be shown nowhere)

Thank you! Finally :slight_smile:
By the way, Ienabled automatic deletion once episodes are played, is this possible for files in a local folder as well? And also automatically have tthe files in the local folder be added to the playlist?

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No, mainly because these files can’t be re-downloaded. So users would configure AntennaPod to delete the local files and then complain that it deleted them.

and then complain that it deleted them

There could simply be an option for this in the settings and then no one could complain.

Unless I am misunderstanding what is meant by a local file then how can a different device be aware of them?

It is a folder on the local device that you can select to create a “virtual” podcast.

@ByteHamster I have set to only manually update the subscription. How can I only update the ones with a speciific tag? I tried going to the specific tag folder and swishing down, but it still updated all subscriptions.

Does it? That sounds like a bug or an oversight in how a user may want to use the swish down command in the Subscriptions (sub)screen.

@gomezz yes it does. I hope it’s just a bug that will be fixed.

@ByteHamster @keunes is it a bug that you can’t only update podcasts with a specific tag when swishng down in the particular tag folder? I want to save energy and time and thus only update podcasts wih a specific tag manually.

No, it is not a bug.

@ByteHamster But how can I only update the ones with a specific tag? I have over 220 podcasts and don’t want to update all of them every time I manually update.

You could go to the Subscriptions screen, tap on a tag, long-press, tap on Multi select, select all episodes, tap on the pencil and, finally, use the Keep Updated option.

@keunes that would not work. I only update manually, and I still want to be able to update all of them, but not all of them always at the same time. For example, I have a set of podcasts that I want to manually update once every day. But then I have another set which I want to manually update only every two days.

@ByteHamster there seems to be a bug for local folders: even when the files are deleted(for example from your data manager or using your computer) they still show up in the Antennapod local folder(but of course cannot be played since they aren’t there).