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as you might have noticed, we have new screenshots on Google Play and F-Droid since a few months. Those screenshots emphasize key features of AntennaPod.

Those texts can be translated to different languages. Because the texts need special attention (really short and catchy), I did not add them to Transifex. If you are interested in translating them, just let me know here. The texts that need to be translated are stored on GitHub but I also copied them here. The \n symbols break the text to a new line (only 2 lines allowed, currently).

Subscribe to all of your\nfavorite podcasts
Play smart with\nyour speed of choice
Save time with\nautomatic downloads
Select the theme\nthat fits best to you
Adapt AntennaPod\nto your needs
Discover thousands\nof great podcasts
Enjoy your podcasts. Anywhere. Anytime.

@keunes in, you wrote that we should include the word “free”. How do you feel about replacing the text of one of the screenshots? Maybe “Adapt AntennaPod to your needs” because it is the least secific? I would say that the text mentioning “free” should be one of the first 4 screenshots because they are displayed on Google Play without scrolling (at least on my device) .

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For the current screens I would stick to what we have. ‘Free’ describes a ‘non-fuctional feature’, which better fits on an overview image as I suggested in that issue.

What do you think of the following @Matth78?
Adaptez la vitesse de\nlecture selon vos envies

The dialog will not be in 2.0.0 yet. It was already merged but after starting the betas, the release branch only receives fixes, no new features. This is to prevent adding more and more stuff and never having the app in a state that can be released.

@keunes @ByteHamster

I have to say that I really agree with this. I don’t like it in English or French and my French is mediocre at best… :man_facepalming:

Whilst I appreciate the point (I think) that you are trying to communicate, it frankly feels a little clumsy to me. I don’t have a suggestion for something different at the moment, but will come back to this if I think of something.

I forgot to mention and don’t know if this had been corrected yet or not.

The image with "Select the theme that fits best to you"should be changed.

It would be cleaner and better English to say something like: “Select the theme that fits you best” or another option would be “Select your favorite theme”.

After thinking about it further, for the “Adapt AntennaPod to your needs”, what about saying “Customize AntennaPod” or “Customize AntennaPod to suit your needs”.


Thanks a lot! I’m not a native English speaker, so this is really appreciated. I will change it to “Select the theme that fits you best” (the word “favorite” is already mentioned in another screenshot).

“Customize AntennaPod to suit your needs” sounds good. What do you think @keunes, @Matth78?

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I’m glad that I can help. Besides, your English is light years better than my German. :rofl: The last time I spoke German was 1997 when my girlfriend at the time lived in Austria. About ten years ago I had a friend who would take me to the pub and speak German to me so I wouldn’t lose it. But that didn’t last long.

I just re-generated all the screenshots and uploaded them to GitHub:

I hope that the texts are now ready to be uploaded to Google Play :slight_smile:

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I think it’s ok but if you want my sincere opinion I really feel it would be good to have a screenshot (an additional one ?) about Antenna being free, without ads. (And I will stop speaking about that as I don’t want to be annoying :-/)

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If they do that, I think it is also good to say that it is open source. As someone who is a big advocate of open source software, that’s what got my attention. Then I realized it’s an amazing app!

The “without ads” part is hard to get right, I think. Many podcast publishers start to include ads, so AntennaPod is not ad-free for users. It’s just that the app does not add more ads. This is already confusing to some users who leave bad ratings on Google Play :confused:

I have made the experience that many average users do not know what open-source even means. Highlighting it in the screenshots could be confusing. On GitHub, we discussed about renaming the developer name to “AntennaPod Open Source Team” to have it mentioned somewhere. This will need some time, though, because the Google Play account is the private one of the old maintainer. I think that we might be more flexible when registering a dedicated Google Play account for AntennaPod.

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I’d not thought about that; excellent point. Cheers.

Yes, I agree @Matth78, but it should be a bit more fancy than all other images. See my earlier comment here.

Yes, it’s an improvement. Not sure about the word ‘suit’, though. Given the fact that we very few translations and serve many non-natives with these screens, I think a simpler word like ‘fit’ would work better.
(On a side note, @tenkara_vt, are you an English native? :slight_smile: )

And a point of order:

I’ll split this topic into the different language versions, as it’ll become quite messy as more translations (and discussions about them) come in. We’ll keep this thread for improvements to the source texts (EN - impacting all translations).


Yes, English is my first language. I do speak a couple of other languages as well, to varying degrees. However, I don’t use them very often any longer, so I’m a bit rusty.

I agree, “suit” is not the best word, even in English. If you wish, I can try to suggest something else.


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