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Current BETA Google play version 2.7.1

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I have about 50 podcasts. Many of these are updated once a week and others I would like to update only once a month.
Since every update consumes data and battery I would like to update these podcasts not “every 8 hours” but customizable and less often.

This would even help to reduce my CO2 footprint :green_heart: :earth_africa: :heart_eyes_cat:

Suggested solution:

Customizable update interval for individual podcasts.

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PS: I LOVE the app :heart_eyes:

There are already a number of options which you could make use of

  • Exclude specific podcasts from being included in the automatic refresh: Keep Updated

  • Change the Refresh podcasts interval to be less often such as once a day. Or even change it to Never and just manually check when you are expecting a new episode to drop while connected to wi-fi and while charging.

  • Excluse all Mobile Updates activity including Podcast Refresh

That said a podcast refresh (which does not do any actual episode downloading) consumes a miniscule amount of data in line with that used for the phone keeping track of which mobile masts are available to connect to. If you are having serious problems with battery and mobile data usage I think you need to look for the culprit elsewhere,

Thanks for your quick answer.

I’m afraid none of these helps me.

The exclusion results in NO update at all when I swipe for update. I have to do an update of three specific podcast. Is this a bug? or where do I have to update the podcasts? An additional option to update ALL podcasts, even the “no auto update” ones, could be a nice alternative solution for my issue :slight_smile: :+1:

As I would like to keep my 7-8 daily podcasts updated in a narrow interval, automatic update only once a day is no solution. Same with mobile networks.

That is curious. I have my automatic refresh set to Never yet a swiipe down on the main subscriptions screen refreshes all my podcasts when called for.

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I have this behaviour too

It would be very nice if update in inbox led to update of automatic podcasts only and update e.g. in abo or episode view led to update of all podcasts (“update off” as well). For me this would be a perfect solution.

Or if “long press” in every view leads to update of all and “short press” leads to ‘small update’ will be an alternative?