1x1 Widget for a minimal design & usabilty

App version: 2.4.1 from Google Playstore

Problem you may be having, or feature you want: AntennaPod Widget is great, but I would like to have a 1x1 Widget, since this is enough for everything i need to know for the podcast and i dont have more space on my homescreen for the podcast app :slight_smile:

Suggested solution: Create a 1x1 Widget similar to the one from Podcast Addict: show art from the current podcast and a play/pause button. See the screenshot below for details.
I would love to contribue this, but I am a bad designer, have never written anything for android and my wife just had our baby … which all together will not make it happen anytime soon (or probably ever :smiley: ). I hope someone else likes the idea and is a better designer/android coder then I am (+ spare time).

Screenshots / Drawings / Technical details:
This is a screenshot from Podcast Addict and I would love to have a widget similar to this one:

Did i maybe write this request wrong or does no one like the idea?

The problem simply is that people request a huge number of features and only few people help with implementing them.

No argument here. I just thought since the other request (from today) got a response within minutes, I just asks if i did something wrong here.

Does anyone like the idea / hates it or has some other input on this?

Since there are not many other answers, I can add this low value comment. I’m fully indifferent to the idea, since I barely even know what a widget is and have no personal interest in them.

With that said, it seems like a good uncontroversial idea. I’d invite anyone interested in implementing such a widget to post to the thread and give it a go!


Personally I find no use for media player widgets. The inbuilt media player control whether on swipe down or on the lock screen give me the functionality I need.

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I don’t see a benefit neither. The notification area does the trick for me.

it does it quite well, after the playback is started. however i like the way the widget shows me my current podcast and gives me an option to start it without opening the app.

And isnt this the beauty of android? To give people a chance to do it their prefered way (and not the way Apple tells them too)?

Honestly? I use Nova as launcher and can make my own widgets. It’s possible to create a simple “starter” or an “activity” which is kinda “starter +” that jumps directly into specified activites (as defined by the app in question).
From my perspective, that’s where such things belong to.

I don’t see anything against it and think it might be useful for the many users that don’t even know they can switch launcher.

But in the meantime, @Linkinsoldier: have you enabled ‘persistent notification’? Even when nothing is playing, AntennaPod will stay there with you so that you can always quickly start playback.

Sorry for the late response. Yes i enabled it, but it still sometimes is not there on the notification list. Also the 1x1 Widget would still be od much help to me.

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