1x1 Widget for a minimal design & usabilty

App version: 2.4.1 from Google Playstore

Problem you may be having, or feature you want: AntennaPod Widget is great, but I would like to have a 1x1 Widget, since this is enough for everything i need to know for the podcast and i dont have more space on my homescreen for the podcast app :slight_smile:

Suggested solution: Create a 1x1 Widget similar to the one from Podcast Addict: show art from the current podcast and a play/pause button. See the screenshot below for details.
I would love to contribue this, but I am a bad designer, have never written anything for android and my wife just had our baby … which all together will not make it happen anytime soon (or probably ever :smiley: ). I hope someone else likes the idea and is a better designer/android coder then I am (+ spare time).

Screenshots / Drawings / Technical details:
This is a screenshot from Podcast Addict and I would love to have a widget similar to this one: