2.1.0 RC1 bug

Nothing happens when I click “Add Local Folder”. The log cannot be cleared when clicking “Clear download log”.
system:android 10

I have added this to our issue tracker: https://github.com/AntennaPod/AntennaPod/issues/4656

What vendor do you use? Do you use a custom rom? Did you deactivate the phone’s internal file manager?

yes,i use custom rom.Xtended for oneplus 3T.
i not deactivate the MiXplorer.

stock phone’s internal file manager?yes,I deleted it and installed MiXplorer.

That’s the problem :slight_smile: Only the system file manager can grant access permissions. Others can just choose files.

ok. Will you support MiXplorer in the future? :heart_eyes:

No, sorry. It is technically not possible to use other file managers because only the system file manager can grant access permissions. Starting with Android 11, even MiXplorer will have to ask the system file manager for the permission to access files.

ok,I get it.
Thank you!

I restored the stock file manager and “Add Local Folder” worked fine.

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