3.0 release notes


Here’s a full list of PRs that will land in the 3.0 release, based on a 2.7.1 - master commit comparison (develop already has changes that’ll land in 3.1), in order of merging.

Detailed table of PRs
PR URL (PR) Title PR Author type function group
#6012 Use downwards arrow icon to close player screen dhruvpatidar359 improvement
#6029 Change subscriptions icon from folder to grid view ByteHamster improvement
#6032 Use atd emulator image ByteHamster behind-the-scenes improvement
#6031 Make widget buttons fill all horizontal space terminalmage improvement
#6030 Rework smart shuffle ByteHamster improvement
#6039 Make statistics loading more efficient ByteHamster improvement
#5864 Home Screen ByteHamster new feature Home
#6044 Fix back icon when opening screens from home ByteHamster Home
#6043 Fix miniplayer sometimes showing toolbar ByteHamster bugfix
#6045 Clear search box when coming back from search ByteHamster improvement
#6053 Database optimizations ByteHamster improvement
#6048 Use dummy items instead of loading progress bar ByteHamster improvement Dummy items
#6033 Remove “inbox and unplayed” feed counter option terminalmage improvement
#6056 Multi-select to remove from inbox ByteHamster improvement
#6067 Fix shownotes/chapter buttons not properly displayed on some screen dimensions ByteHamster bugfix
#6041 Add ‘default screen’ setting (replaces ‘back button behavior’) ByteHamster improvement
#6055 Add swipe actions to home screen ByteHamster Home
#6081 Remove robotium-solo library TacoTheDank behind-the-scenes improvement
#5990 Clean up some existing viewbinding stuff TacoTheDank behind-the-scenes improvement
#6073 Implement “Downloaded and unplayed” subscription counter option terminalmage improvement
#6006 Add Quick Settings tile to play/pause from Android notifications cliambrown improvement
#6086 Fix loading views inconsistently showing cover ByteHamster bugfix
#6002 Material Design 3 ByteHamster improvement MD3
#6082 Delete redundant round app icons TacoTheDank improvement Logo refresh
#6057 Rewrite include/exclude filter dialog ByteHamster improvement
#6102 Decrease margin around button in episode card keunes improvement MD3
#6112 Extend splash blue to navigation bar ByteHamster improvement Logo refresh
#6110 Fix crash when dragging items in the queue ByteHamster bugfix
#6090 Remove old preDexLibs code in build.gradle TacoTheDank behind-the-scenes improvement
#6115 Fix crash while sharing media file ByteHamster bugfix
#6121 Use “Close” label for button to dismiss chapters dialog terminalmage improvement
#6125 Make cover on player screen slightly smaller ByteHamster Shownotes button (#6067)
#6124 Fix chapters dialog crashing ByteHamster bugfix
#6137 Fix crash when clicking cover icon when episode is not loaded yet ByteHamster bugfix
#6109 Tweak Queue section on home screen ByteHamster Home
#6132 remove card elevation Lukmannudin Home
#6147 Remove text colors from shownotes ByteHamster improvement
#6139 Add auto-complete to discovery country selection Pinkolik improvement Discovery country selection
#6131 Select all when focusing time in sleep timer Lukmannudin improvement
#6153 Speed up local folder refresh ByteHamster improvement local feeds
#6155 Fix filter dialog on rotated screen Lukmannudin bugfix
#6159 Fix queue sort order not being displayed ByteHamster Dummy items (#6048)
#6160 Fix toolbar on empty screen being set to scrolled state ByteHamster MD3
#6168 Fix Inbox not default screen when set as such liutng bugfix
#6166 Do not print stacktrace for image loading errors ByteHamster behind-the-scenes improvement
#6164 Don’t print full stack trace when there is no vorbis comment ByteHamster behind-the-scenes improvement
#6148 Remove ‘seconds’ and ‘hours’ options from sleep timer VishnuSanal improvement
#6173 PlaybackService cleanup ByteHamster behind-the-scenes improvement
#6174 Move Glide config to its own module ByteHamster behind-the-scenes improvement
#6176 Decouple some classes ByteHamster behind-the-scenes improvement
#6175 Add confirmation dialog for clearing history VishnuSanal improvement
#6178 Move DownloadService-Interface to new module ByteHamster behind-the-scenes improvement
#6179 Check Lint recursively from the :app module ByteHamster behind-the-scenes improvement
#6181 Hide iTunes suggestions by default in F-Droid version ByteHamster improvement
#6180 Move preferences to a new module ByteHamster behind-the-scenes improvement
#6177 Add button to refresh episode chapters LukasBrilla5 improvement Chapters
#6190 Target API 31 ByteHamster behind-the-scenes improvement
#6185 Add option to edit feed URL ricardoborgesjr improvement
#6195 Fix crash on Android 12 ByteHamster bugfix
#6111 Switch back to non-transparent navigation bar ByteHamster MD3
#6198 Refresh home sections when resuming ByteHamster Home
#6199 Add pull-to-refresh to home screen ByteHamster Home
#6204 Various tweaks ByteHamster Home; MD3
#6170 Fixed bug that causes “skip” button to be unresponsive Jared234 bugfix
#6186 Remember decision option for “Remove all from inbox” dialog liutng improvement
#6200 Show human readable error message on details dialog ByteHamster improvement
#6208 Hide progress bar when there is no progress ByteHamster improvement
#6206 Hide started episodes from ‘random episodes’ screen ByteHamster Home
#6207 Support for multi-line home section titles ByteHamster Home
#6218 Show skip button even if ‘continuous playback’ is disabled ByteHamster improvement
#6217 Fix Nextcloud Gpodder sync for domains with special characters (e.g. umlaut) ByteHamster bugfix
#6215 Fix dummy list items crashing Android 9 ByteHamster Dummy items
#6230 Make layout of home sections more clean and easy ByteHamster Home
#6232 Remove non-functional end icon of country selector ByteHamster Discovery country selection
#6231 Do not animate dummy views ByteHamster Dummy items
#6223 Migrate ListPreference to Material Design 3 ByteHamster improvement MD3
#6239 Rename ‘country’ to ‘select country’ ByteHamster improvement Discovery country selection
#6240 Multi-select using background instead of checkbox ByteHamster improvement
#6237 Add support for Material You tinted theme ByteHamster improvement MD3
#6246 Revert back to showing progress bars while loading ByteHamster Dummy items
#6247 Fix resuming after interruption when screen is locked on Android 12 ByteHamster bugfix
#6236 Refresh Feed after Credentials Change patrickdemers6 improvement
#6255 Prevent rate dialog from showing on debug variant VishnuSanal behind-the-scenes improvement
#6184 Possibility to remove a single episode from playback history VishnuSanal improvement
#6146 Branding upgrade ByteHamster improvement Logo refresh
#6263 Use exactly those insets that we mark as consumed ByteHamster ?? bugfix specific following MD3 changes?
#6264 Make dark background of preview more consistent ByteHamster improvement MD3
#6265 Fix downloads when feeds with same name have items with the same name ByteHamster bugfix
#6213 Synchronisation label changes keunes improvement
#6283 Make description of tinted theme more clear ByteHamster MD3
#6282 Work around Android’s AlertDialog pushing out buttons when content gets large ByteHamster bugfix
#6287 Use rasterized icon on splash ByteHamster Logo refresh
#6290 Reduce padding of horizontal home sections to better align them with the titles ByteHamster Home
#6292 Avoid icons leaking below the miniplayer ByteHamster ?? bugfix specific following MD3 changes?
#6293 Fix failing to start next episode in background ByteHamster bugfix
#6301 Use nicer animation when sliding up player ByteHamster improvement MD3
#6295 Fix when playback is started from MediaSessionCompat.Callback ByteHamster fix on #6293
#6315 Fix current chapter having the same color as the dialog background ByteHamster improvement Chapters; UI
#6321 Fix Chromecast on Android 12, use styled receiver ByteHamster bugfix Logo refresh
#6327 Ensure that the context is non-null when loading the shownotes ByteHamster bugfix

Based on it, I would suggest the following release notes (now 497/500 characters):

* Add Home screen, with quick access to the queued and latest episodes, favourite podcasts and surprise suggestions (@ByteHamster)
* Apply Material Design 3, including a theme colour based on your wallpaper [Android 12+ only] (idem)
* Better spread episodes while using smart shuffle (idem)
* Enable multi-select in Inbox (idem)
* Other improvements (e.g. for local feeds) and bugfixes (idem)
* Refreshed icon/branding (Ryan Gorley/Freehive)
* Allow editing podcast feed URLs (@ricardoborgesjr)

That looks a bit weird to me. How about instead using the last line to mention some more names than just mine? Something like “and more (x,y,z)”?

This is actually a character-saving exercise :slight_smile:
If at the above rows I put (@ByteHamster) each time, that’s 75 characters. The current text is 45 or so characters.
Instead of your username we maybe can put (idem) – that’d allow us to remove the sentence. Would you like that better?

I think it’s better than the full sentence, yes :slight_smile: Generates less attention on the name than a full sentence

Well, to be frank, you do deserve all the attention with everything that you’re putting into it :slight_smile:

But OK, post above adjusted :slight_smile:

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