3.1 release notes


I’ve received the signal to prepare the release notes for version 3.1. Here’s my proposal!

∙ Add sorting options to Downloads and Episodes screens (@Jared234, @gitstart)
∙ Android Auto fixes & improvements; add back skip button (@awbooze, @ByteHamster)
∙ Add option to set ‘Enqueue location’ to Random (@andweg)
∙ Allow sorting Inbox oldest to newest (@gitstart)
∙ Enable auto-activating sleep timer based during a timeslot (@mueller-ma)
∙ Improve file downloading; offer to download as soon as WiFi is available (@ByteHamster)
∙ Don't ask for rating if installed via F-Droid (@JonathanZopf)
It's based on this table of PRs and commits that will land in this release.
Merge date URL Title Author Type Functionality group
2023-01-24T18:20:59Z #6268 Fix playback timer flickering issue while streaming and downloading episode at the same time gitstart improvement
2023-01-28T09:14:53Z #6288 Fix sleep timer skips a second after being set ByteHamster bugfix
2023-01-28T11:53:22Z #6269 Remove subscribed podcasts from discover / suggestions gitstart improvement
2023-01-29T11:12:08Z #6291 Update feed url when server returns itunes:new-feed-url ByteHamster improvement
2023-02-01T23:04:08Z #6267 Add long press menu to search results in subscriptions list gitstart improvement
2023-02-05T14:48:55Z #6304 Fix shownotes-button text border overlap for long translations victorhaggqvist improvement UI
2023-02-08T18:33:59Z #6310 Update build instructions in README ByteHamster behind-the-scenes improvement
2023-02-11T09:14:46Z #6313 Don’t break tab labels into multiple lines on small devices ByteHamster improvement UI
2023-02-11T18:04:14Z #6261 Convert subscriptions screen to cards gitstart improvement MD3
2023-02-12T20:05:25Z #6254 Automatically switch to different screen when hiding current one from drawer gitstart improvement
2023-02-12T20:12:04Z #6210 Add sorting options to downloads screen Jared234 improvement
2023-02-16T20:51:58Z #6322 Update duration from feed if there is none yet ByteHamster improvement
2023-02-18T13:51:55Z #6328 Extra toggle for full black theme ByteHamster improvement UI
2023-02-18T13:52:39Z #6326 Clarify “show in main list” checkbox title ByteHamster improvement
2023-02-19T10:48:48Z #6316 Remove another global callback object ByteHamster behind-the-scenes improvement
2023-02-20T22:15:57Z #6333 Add retry button to download failed notifications ByteHamster improvement
2023-02-20T22:16:19Z #6332 Force-refresh feeds that failed before ByteHamster improvement
2023-02-22T18:25:18Z #6331 Update iTunes to Apple Podcasts in Google Play femmdi behind-the-scenes improvement
2023-02-22T19:04:04Z #6286 Add sort option to episodes view screen gitstart improvement
2023-02-22T19:14:19Z #6324 change iTunes to Apple Podcast tonytamsf behind-the-scenes improvement
2023-02-22T20:34:44Z #6095 Add “New Episodes Action” preference terminalmage improvement
2023-02-23T20:53:56Z #6335 Fix memory leaks beijingling behind-the-scenes improvement
2023-02-23T22:05:55Z #6341 Fix crash in iTunes loader ByteHamster bugfix
2023-02-24T15:44:57Z #6344 Update ‘show in main list’ string keunes improvement
2023-02-24T15:53:15Z #6342 Do not jump bottom sheet when playing ByteHamster bugfix
2023-02-24T16:10:45Z #6050 Add back skip buttons and more custom actions on Android Auto awbooze improvement Android Auto
2023-02-24T18:08:57Z #6272 Resume playback does not work when streaming after data connection drops gitstart bugfix
2023-02-24T21:06:13Z #6349 Add mobile sync setting ByteHamster improvement
2023-02-24T21:08:59Z #6347 Always add feeds from opml, even if download fails ByteHamster improvement
2023-02-24T21:10:02Z #6345 Use more clear swipe action label ByteHamster improvement
2023-02-24T21:19:31Z #6346 More human readable player error message ByteHamster improvement
2023-02-25T09:54:16Z #6348 Add chapters button to video player ByteHamster improvement
2023-02-25T15:30:58Z #6353 Add cancel action to download notification ByteHamster improvement
2023-02-26T15:38:32Z #6354 Remove deprecated media players ByteHamster behind-the-scenes improvement
2023-02-28T20:41:15Z #6266 Add option to switch a- & descending sort order for Inbox gitstart improvement
2023-03-01T19:52:24Z #6358 Instead of specialized methods, use the global ‘getEpisodes’ method with a filter ByteHamster behind-the-scenes improvement
2023-03-06T20:41:06Z #6366 Warn when local folder is empty instead of silently ignoring ByteHamster improvement
2023-03-11T16:44:02Z #6371 Fix statistics showing different numbers on Subscriptions and Years tabs ByteHamster bugfix
2023-03-11T16:44:21Z #6370 Automatically clear old download log entries on upgrade ByteHamster behind-the-scenes improvement
2023-03-12T19:09:12Z #6373 Notify Android Auto that the queue changed (to not show finished episodes) ByteHamster bugfix Android Auto
2023-03-14T20:03:45Z #6375 Move feed download to worker ByteHamster behind-the-scenes improvement
2023-03-23T20:39:15Z #6393 Mention statistics in warning when deleting podcast(s) keunes improvement
2023-03-31T20:16:59Z #6403 Add option to set ‘Enqueue location’ to Random andweg improvement
2023-03-31T20:17:50Z #6386 Don’t try to start foreground service, Android doesn’t let us anyway ByteHamster behind-the-scenes improvement
2023-03-31T20:18:38Z #6385 Remove ‘set lockscreen background’ setting ByteHamster improvement
2023-04-01T21:16:53Z #5655 Update AGP to 7.4.0 TacoTheDank behind-the-scenes improvement
2023-04-02T08:31:15Z #6407 Don’t crash trying to show item at negative position ByteHamster bugfix
2023-04-02T08:37:41Z #6404 When both adding and removing a feed before the next sync, remove the other action ByteHamster improvement synchronisation
2023-04-03T19:50:13Z #6410 Make widget configurable by long-pressing mueller-ma improvement
2023-04-03T19:51:54Z #6409 Target Android 13 ByteHamster behind-the-scenes improvement
2023-04-06T18:00:17Z #6417 Don’t crash when Chromecast media is not loaded yet ByteHamster bugfix ChromeCast
2023-04-06T18:01:40Z #6415 Ignore ‘new’ action during sync ByteHamster bugfix synchronisation
2023-04-07T12:21:52Z #6259 Do not switch screens when clicking ‘Remove podcast’ gitstart improvement
2023-04-07T12:25:51Z #6419 Fix long-pressing subscription on home screen ByteHamster improvement
2023-04-07T14:37:32Z #6412 Add banner on home screen if notification permission is not granted ByteHamster improvement
2023-04-15T13:55:42Z #6433 Remove ‘Statistics moved’ message ByteHamster improvement
2023-04-15T15:33:21Z #6434 Replace Network+Storage preferences with Downloads ByteHamster improvement
2023-04-15T19:08:04Z #6384 Add option to automatically activate sleep timer in a given timeslot mueller-ma improvement sleep timer
2023-04-15T19:11:05Z #6379 Handle a null timestamp in local/first actions bobrippling bugfix
2023-04-15T19:17:18Z #6399 Add changelog script keunes behind-the-scenes improvement
2023-05-05T15:18:42Z #6464 Mark quick settings tile as toggleable mueller-ma improvement
2023-05-05T15:19:06Z #6450 Work around Android telling us zero-date when no date is present ByteHamster bugfix
2023-05-05T15:22:31Z #6453 Ignore subscription filter when suggesting tags mueller-ma improvement
2023-05-05T17:12:49Z #6472 Fix file provider not being able to share all files ByteHamster bugfix
2023-05-05T17:13:36Z #6465 Correctly theme download icon in settings mueller-ma bugfix
2023-05-05T17:25:54Z #6461 Add .editorconfig mueller-ma behind-the-scenes improvement
2023-05-05T18:02:02Z 4c28693 Remove string where translator broke format specifiers ByteHamster behind-the-scenes improvement
2023-05-05T21:09:03Z #6420 Download Service Rewrite ByteHamster behind-the-scenes improvement
2023-05-06T15:54:47Z #6476 Don’t show error when download was cancelled ByteHamster improvement
2023-05-07T09:08:28Z #6454 Make single filter button full-width mueller-ma improvement UI
2023-05-07T09:28:42Z #6477 Let filter button height grow ByteHamster improvement UI
2023-05-07T09:43:35Z #6446 gilde leaking by activity’s referrence beijingling behind-the-scenes improvement
2023-05-13T20:40:49Z c9d74e7 Update app store metadata ByteHamster behind-the-scenes improvement
2023-05-14T16:26:47Z #6481 Don’t show copying feedback on Android 13 JonathanZopf improvement
2023-06-24T12:45:08Z #6490 Remove no longer needed Compat stuff TacoTheDank behind-the-scenes improvement
2023-05-18T08:33:02Z #6483 Rounded corners of cover in widget mueller-ma improvement widget
2023-05-18T10:42:02Z #6494 Fix default widget background ByteHamster improvement widget
2023-05-28T09:18:57Z #6478 Make drawer’s corners round ebraminio improvement UI
2023-05-29T11:45:25Z #6475 Use the brand new material switches for preferences ebraminio improvement UI
2023-06-03T14:08:30Z #6495 Disable f-droid rating dialog JonathanZopf improvement
2023-06-20T20:31:44Z #6520 Fix NullPointerException when chapter does not have start time beijingling bugfix
2023-06-20T20:38:08Z #6390 Use title case for settings titles femmdi improvement
2023-06-20T21:31:55Z #6521 Fix mini player in landscape mode missing the Play button mjydv4548 bugfix UI
2023-07-04T20:31:47Z #6528 Fix ‘allow once’ for feed update on mobile networks ByteHamster bugfix
2023-07-15T13:55:25Z #6529 Don’t allow adding items without media to the queue ByteHamster improvement
2023-07-15T14:27:12Z #6530 Delete partially downloaded file when giving up to retry ByteHamster improvement
2023-07-15T20:03:51Z #6541 Fix Chromecast crash if FeedItem does not have a feed ByteHamster bugfix ChromeCast
2023-07-15T20:04:12Z #6542 Fix crash in item pager ByteHamster bugfix
2023-07-16T08:40:00Z c99ed8b Update translations ByteHamster improvement
2023-07-16T08:40:03Z 1a0134d Bump version to 3.1.0-beta1 ByteHamster behind-the-scenes improvement
2023-07-16T09:50:26Z 019e357 Fix translator breaking checks ByteHamster behind-the-scenes improvement
2023-07-16T20:22:25Z #6546 Upgrade preferences before using them ByteHamster behind-the-scenes improvement
2023-07-16T20:23:25Z 5ae766b Bump version to 3.1.0-beta2 ByteHamster behind-the-scenes improvement
2023-07-18T15:57:41Z #6550 Download related fixes on legacy Android versions ByteHamster behind-the-scenes improvement
2023-07-18T15:58:28Z ca93582 Bump version to 3.1.0-beta3 ByteHamster behind-the-scenes improvement
2023-08-19T08:46:18Z #6587 Fix timestamps in player screen being cut off ByteHamster bugfix UI
2023-08-19T08:46:44Z #6588 Fix ‘Downloading episodes’ notification not disappearing ByteHamster bugfix
2023-08-19T09:21:53Z #6590 Small fixes ByteHamster bugfix
2023-08-19T09:24:06Z 4c9db04 Update contributors ByteHamster behind-the-scenes improvement
2023-08-19T09:47:51Z 823907b Update translations ByteHamster behind-the-scenes improvement
2023-08-19T09:47:52Z 91d5238 Bump version to 3.1.0 ByteHamster behind-the-scenes improvement

Let me know if it needs any updating or if you think it’s fine.
CC @ByteHamster

Are you reading this and thinking “I wouldn’t mind preparing the release notes”? Then let me know - happy to hand over this task :slight_smile:
(Note: the table is pretty much generated by a script, so the manual work is limited. It mostly takes 1.5 hour or so per release, to go through all the PRs to determine which are interesting to note and then write the release notes that don’t go beyond 500 characters.)


I’d love to see the new subscription card update getting a mention. It looks so good!

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It does indeed look nice - I even Tooted about it on Mastodon! And yet I overlooked it in the list. Would love to include it: Update design of Subscriptions screen (@gitstart)

And another one that should’ve ended up in my pre-selection: Don't show subscribed podcast on Discover screen (@gitstart)

However: We are strictly limited to 500 characters - I’m exactly at that number now. So if we want to include either of these, we’ll have to remove another. For me, maybe the Inbox sorting could be a candidate for replacing.

@kittenwithclaws @Matth78 and others; what do you think?

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I would replace “do not ask for rating when installed from droid” with the updated design for subscription screen.
I would keep info for inbox and wouldn’t list “don’t show subscribed podcast in suggestions”

My logic is to favor what the user would have the most interaction with.


I agree with @Matth78, the ‘f-droid rating’ should be replaced. The ‘inbox sorting’ is a great functionality that needs a mention.

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Ok, here we are:

∙ Add sorting options to the Downloads and Episodes screens (@Jared234, @gitstart)
∙ Android Auto fixes & improvements; add back skip button (@awbooze, @ByteHamster)
∙ Update design of the Subscriptions screen (@gitstart)
∙ Add option to set ‘Enqueue location’ to Random (@andweg)
∙ Allow to sort Inbox oldest to newest (@gitstart)
∙ Add option to auto-activate sleep timer in a specific timeslot (@mueller-ma)
∙ Improve file downloading; offer to download as soon as WiFi is available (@ByteHamster)

My idea for mentioning F-Droid is to signal to this specific group of users that we care about them. But I reckon it’s not relevant to most people. And I like your metric @Matth78 (what users interact with).

Good to go like this @ByteHamster?


I just rolled it out to 20% with the updated changelog


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