3 questions from a newbie

  1. when will 2.3 be available on FDroid? Im running 2.2.1
  2. Did I miss it? How do I toggle a podcast to automatically download the most recent episode? it autochecks for new episodes but leaves them in queue for me to download. Some podcasts I want to hear EVERY episode… other episodes I want to check the banner to determine if I want to hear it. I can do this with Podcast Addict but can’t figure out how to do it on AntennaPod.
  3. Will 2.3 support multiple cover artwork (podcasting 2.0)?

As soon as F-Droid builds it. Apparently, they are having some trouble currently: de.danoeh.antennapod/lastbuild 2030095 - F-Droid

Enable auto-download on the general settings screen first. AntennaPod currently only considers “new” episodes for auto-download.

Do you mean chapter images? AntennaPod already supports 2 other chapter image formats but the ones from podcasting 2.0 are not yet supported.

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Will be patient for FDroid and support for Podcasting 2.0.

Still unclear how to toggle auto download.
Under Settings/Network/Automatic Download I have chosen Automatic Download. But the situation is as I described. New episodes refresh automatically but I have to download manually. BTW, I’m running 2.2.1 on a Pixel4a running GrapheneOS sunfish (Android 11). Don’t mean to be a pest.
I’m wild about Antennapod otherwise.
Feature request: sleeptimer auto activate at sunset and off at sunrise.
Thanks again,

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You might also be interested in the Inbox developments (note that implementation is ongoing and slightly different from what you see in that thread).

Could you please create a new Feature Request thread for this one? Then it’ll be easier for others to find and to have a proper discussion about it. Thanks!

Hmm. There’s two things I can think of:

  • In addition to the global setting, there is also a setting ‘Include in auto downloads’ – this could help you achieve what you want (differente between podcasts). But this should be enabled by default, so shouldn’t be the cause of the issue you’re experiencing.
  • To not clog up your phone, AntennaPod limits the number of podcasts that are downloaded on your device. The default value I believe is quite low. Do you have episodes downloaded already? (Automatically or manually) Then that could be the cause - you’ll recognise it through the circle with the exclamation mark, next to the Downloads tab in the left side menu.