403 after changing hosts

I’m a podcast creator. Antennapod used to get my podcast from Anchor. Recently I performed a 301 redirect to Acast (basically meaning I changed my main host and RSS) and now it’s all right everywhere else but Antennapod can’t get it and gives me a 403 forbidden.

403 is what the server returns when AntennaPod connects to it. So there is probably something wrong with the redirect (missing slash or something) or with the destination. Does it work when entering the new url manually?

You see I’m redirecting from Anchor, because they have blocked my country, Iran. When you tried to get the show on Anchor before the redirect, naturally, you would get a 403. So I think AntennaPod is still referring to the previous RSS. When I try adding the show with the new RSS manually, I get a 404, even though the same link works on other podcast clients.

AntennaPod uses the iTunes directory. If you change the link there, the AntennaPod search function returns the new link. If the previous RSS always returns a 403, it means that it does not actually redirect to the new RSS.

What feed url?

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