A view of paused episodes across podcasts

Hi! Thanks for a great podcast app, which I use a lot.

One feature that I’m missing, which would be really neat to have, would be to be able to get a view across all my podcasts of episodes that I’ve started playing but haven’t finished, similar to what I can get with individual podcasts using the filter and selecting ‘paused’. One way to implement that could be to make that filter on the queue section too, although it could perhaps be even better if it was possible to get to it with less taps.


You can also filter the “all episodes” screen by “paused” to get the list you are looking for. In AntennaPod 2.5, doing this needs 4 taps. On 2.6-beta, it is still 4 taps but feels a lot quicker. On 2.7, it will be 3 taps.

you’re right, I hadn’t actually noticed that before. Guess that more or less does what I’m asking for. Thanks :slight_smile: