Ability to automatically skip the first X minutes of a podcast

App version: 1.8.1 (6e6a64f50) from F-droid

More and more podcasts are adding large sections of fluff at the start of an episode. It would be nice if it was possible to skip this automatically.

The amount varies a lot between podcasts so a I see it, the ideal solution would be a setting which could be independently set for each subscription. I.e., you could set antennapod to skip the first 30 sec of each episode of podcast A and the first 2 min of episodes of podcast B.

I hope this is clear

Thanks to the developers for a great app


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You are in luck, next version will have a settings for each subscription where you will be able to set skipping intro and outro. :smiley:
If you want to test it before release you could opt for beta version in google store. Beware as it potentially could have bugs.


Great news thanks Matth78

The beta is worth the upgrade, I have been running it for many weeks.

I don’t even know how long I’ve been on beta… However, it went from an app that I really liked and used daily, to an app that I love and use daily! I haven’t had any major bugs that have been problematic.

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