Ability to download/queue episodes from non-subscribed podcast

App version: 2.1.3z (from Google Play)

Problem you may be having, or feature you want:
I sometimes look around different podcasts that I am not (and do not want to) subscribed to, but there are few episodes that catch my attention and I’d like to listen to them. I didn’t find a way to download/add to queue those without having to subscribe the whole podcast.

Suggested solution:
I think it would be helpful to allow downloading/adding to queue also episodes from non-subscribed podcasts.


This a feature which is regularly requested for. You could follow issue about it on GitHub : issue 4710

There is no plan right now to implement it, the best you can do is to preview an episode when you’re on the screen that would allow you to subscribe to podcast.
It would start to play it and stream it but you can’t listen to it later.

If really you want to do this kind of things the best way would be to manually download episode, put it in a folder and add this folder as a virtual podcast.

What I am hoping is that one day Antenna could allow you to do what you want with hiding to you your subscription when you want to really add an episode and not just preview it.
You would feel and believe that you’re not subscribed because you won’t see podcast in your subscriptions. (Sadly when I tried to suggest to do that It didn’t meet a lot of success :disappointed:)

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Thanks a lot - I just read the GitHub issue. It is pretty sad that the team does not want to do it. I dont really understand if the issue is technical difficulties but the points about ‘episode needs to be linked to podcast’ do not seem to make much sense - I’d keep the episode linked to podcast, I just dont want to have the podcast subscribed, that’s all :slight_smile: