Ability to set custom fast forward/rewind skip time for each podcast

You can currently set a global fast forward/rewind skip time (currently limited to 60 seconds), but it would be awesome if you could take this a step further and set custom fast forward/rewind skip times for each podcast (similar to how you can set custom beginning/end skip times). Some of my podcasts have 60 second ad reads, requiring me to fast forward once, but others have 300 seconds of ads, requiring me to hit fast forward 5 times. Being able to set the fast forward time to 300 seconds so that I only need to press it once would be great.


This is something I wish was added, this kind of per-podcast tweaking would be great

I was skipping ads on a podcast feed today and thought that it would be nice to have AntennaPod track how many seconds I skip per feed and then learn over time and set this automatically for me. That would be pretty cool. Most podcast ads are 20, 15, 30, 45, 60, 120 seconds.