Abonnement Filter Setting

I would like to benefit from more global Filter settings. See Screenshot below.

When ticking top Option, all my subscriptions do disappear. Okay, works as designed. No reason to complain about. I would like to do AP the opposite: displaying only those Podcast Channels, which containing new, and/or (already) offline available episodes.
Searching for next content reduced to the max. :mag:

Hi @Xhi-Phne_Chang
Thanks for sharing this feature request.

What you want, is actually already possible. You just have to change the counter. I, personally, have the counter set to ‘numbwr of episodes in the inbox’, but you can also set it to 'number of downloaded and unplayed episodes ’ (among others).

You can find this option via Settings » User interface » Set subscriptions counter.

Please let us know if that does the trick for you!

Good morning kind keunes,
good morning kind AP-Team,

thank you for your support. Nifty 'n tricky. Not easy to figure out which settings are required to achieve my desired AP behavior, but yes, it works and does really help to see, which subscriptions awaiting a visit. Lesser scrolling. A dream has come true. :slightly_smiling_face:

Kind regards.

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Great, happy to hear that worked. We try to keep the app simple, but there’s a lot you can adjust. Don’t hesitate to chip in on our forum again if you have more questions!

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