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Hi there - I have tried lots of different podcast apps but I always come back to AntennaPod. Recently I have been battling with lots of ads, ads prior to the podcast starting and then ads inserted into the podcasts. I can usually skip forward 30 secs but I am often dog walking and covered in gloves, scarves, mud etc and so its difficult to skip forward often in this situation.

My understanding is AntennaPod does not add commercials, so I am not sure there is anything they can do, but are there any other suggestions to remove or skip ads in this situation?

For reference, I downloaded from Google Play Store and I am using Google Pixel 8 phone. I download rather than stream.

Hello, your only options is to set a skip time for intro and outro in the podcast specific settings.

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If you listen using Bluetooth earbuds/phones with their own Play/Pause/Volume/Skip controls then that is an answer to the gloved problem for manual skipping. Look for ones with physical action controls rather than touch sensitive ones.

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Thank you for the replies.

I generally listen with Google pixel bud pros, and there is a skip forward function. I didnt think much of it when I first got them, and forgot all about it. But trying againm after @gomezz reply, I think this is the answer. I need practice now! I have already fired my buds across the room, so I am not quite there yet…

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