Add a Turkish category to the forum

Hello antennapod family. As an antennapod lover, I realized yesterday that there was a need in the translation section and I was incredibly happy. We introduced the antennapod application to Turkey with a brother of ours who has 50k subscribers in Turkey. The problem is that the Turkish category should also come. I can voluntarily carry out this process. You What do you think?


Thanks for the contributions!

Would you have a link to the podcast where AntennaPod is promoted in Turkish? WeÔÇÖre always happy to learn about such cases!

Then: for the Turkish category: letÔÇÖs see how it goes. We usually have very few posts in languages other than English. If really many people start writing in other languages, we can always decide to create language categories later.

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I couldnÔÇÖt find the YouTube video, but in this video, the antennapod was introduced to Turkish lovers. Instead, I am giving a piece from my own blog page. I will also translate it in the languages I know.

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