Add entire podcast in a Playlist

App version: 3.1.1 from F-Droid
Android version: Android 10 Stock

I just started to use AntennaPod which is great and I love!

Now I have noticed that when I download several episode of a podcast, they will play one after the other until it meets one which has been played previously and then stops. And after that I have to click on each episode one by one to listen to the following episodes again. So I think I have to put them in a playlist (queue) to be able to listen to them continuously again.

Because I have a lot of episodes of a given channel/podcast, I was wondering whether it was possible to add an entire podcast channel that I downloaded into a Queue (Playlist) in one shot without having to do it for each episodes one by one which for 200 episodes it’s quite painfull to do.


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