Add option for "download" when long pressing on episode

Version 2.2.1 on Android via Google Play

When in the queue or in the episodes list, when long pressing on an episode, add option to download to the other options that are there such as “mark as played” and “add to queue.”
Currently I believe the only way to manually download an episode is to go into multi-select, then select the episode, then click on the edit button, then select download.

Hi @NullState
Thanks for chipping in on our forum! Where exactly are you missing the download button? AntennaPod is already quite full of buttons to download/stream (depending on your settings).

when in the list of episodes from within a feed, there are a few options when long pressing on the episode. However, one of the most useful options would be to be able to manually download the episode in the list of options that pop-up.
From what I can tell, the only way to manually download from within a feed is to do the multi-select as I mentioned above. I hope that clarifies it :wink:. I included a screenshot.

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You don’t have to use multi-select to download. Just click an episode - the download button is on the top right, just below the episode title.

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And just to be sure: I reckon you consciously switched from Download to Stream buttons, right? :slight_smile:

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I actually missed the option to download from the feed/episodes list as well, that’s why I added the option to download via swipe in the SwipeActions maybe these then can be added to feeds as well?

you can find a test application (apk) with the customizable SwipeActions here Home screen proposal - #30 by ueen :slight_smile:

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Ok, yes, this would be an acceptable option. Just trying to minimize steps to manually downloading. I appreciate the response.

I think I did make that switch to stream buttons. I’ll check my options and see if I can change.

Actually, that was it. I made the switch back to download button and I think that is what I wanted.

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Happy to hear @NullState, thanks for letting us know.