Add Sync Button

Dear all,

First post here and first of all: thanks for the app, I am using it for a long time already.

To my request: I have the app installed on two devices (smartphone and tablet) and use the sync feature quite regularly (over my own nextcloud instance).
Somehow it is a little bit unintuitive to have to go into settings and sync options every time I switch devices, it would be much more convenient to have a “sync now” button somewhere on the main view of the app!

And of course syncing the queue would be great too!


Thanks @Bartleby for checking in.

I don’t recall from the top of my head when synchronisation happens. But I think it should work seamlessly in the background rather than requiring a button to be added prominently in the interface.

Does it not sync (properly) for you?

I think it currently only syncs when you play something or when you (manually/automatically) refresh the subscriptions

Thanks for the answers. I have the feeling it only syncs manually. At least for episode status (did not change my subscriptions lately), but will test it again.

Did not see this information anywhere in the documentation so assumed it happens only manually.


Edit: did some testing with my two Android devices. Automatic sync of episode status did not happen.