Adding podcast shortcut to homepage

App version: 3.0.2 ; FDroid

Problem: I’d like to be able to add specific podcast to homepage. There are so many podcast in subscription list and usually I’m going through 2 “series” type podcast a day (which I’m catching up from old episodes to new) followed by daily releases. Now to get to those podcasts I have to scroll lots daily.

Suggested solution: please allow a shortcut to add a podcast to home screen. I would not only allow easier access but also creation of specific folders, right on home screen, and that would be neat :slight_smile:

Thank you soo much for this awesome application<3

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A workaround could be to tag your podcasts to make access to them quicker.


Thanks! I would try that.

Off topic, but I’ve been wondering about it for long time and you seem like experienced so can I pleasee ask what the “refreshing downloads” means? I it essentially “redownloading” episodes? If not, than what it is and why the app needs to refresh downloads in the first place?

I’ve seen Spotify redownloading episodes everyday and I’m scared it to be that case…

There are two ways you can already do this.

  • Move all except your favorite subscriptions to a folder. Then you have your favorites on top and can press the folder to see all others. (Make sure to un-check “show in main list” after moving to the folder)
  • Create a launcher shortcut to specific subscriptions, so you can open them from your phone’s home screen

I don’t know where you see a refresh download? As far as I know the only refresh are for updating list of episodes.

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Please refer to these two images…

I couldn’t figure out how to upload to Imgur so I uploaded to link sharing.

The 1st image shows “refreshing podcasts, x downloads left”,now, a. I have auto download disabled b. I have no downloads in queue. Then why? Or it is just refreshing the normal catalogue and shows downloads word as side effect?

The 2nd image shows the failed download notification that is false alarm for a. I never clicked download on that episode in the first place so how it failed? b. As I said, auto download is disabled…

Indebted thanks for taking the time to reply <3

Hey! Thanks for replying :slight_smile: It seems like the ways you have are for PC edition… I’m on Android and I’ve fiddled here and there but couldn’t find any option to create folders of podcasts except tagging them, neither an option to add activity shortcut…

Yes, “refreshing podcasts” means “looking for new episodes”. Technically, this is a download of the podcast data from the podcast server, so some notifications call it “download”. Note that this will be a bit easier in AntennaPod 3.1

There is no PC version :wink: Yeah, I meant “tags” not folders. I think the naming there is a bit un-intuitive. You can add the shortcut using the “add widget” button on your home screen

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Oh! I didn’t knew that we can remove podcasts from subscription list after putting them in tag! That would definitely do it for me. I was bothered by it from last few days.
Thanks a very lot, @Matth78 and @ByteHamster :))

Last question, Where can I find option to uncheck “show in main list”, please?

When adding / editing tags for podcast(s) there is a checkbox you can uncheck so podcast(s) is/are not shown in main list.


Oh found it! Thankyou so very muchhhh <3

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