Adjust Media Info To Playback Speed: Remaining Time Question

App version: 3.0.2 (Google Play)
Android version: 13
Device model: Pixel 7a

If I have toggled on the ‘Adjust media info to playback speed’ toggle in Settings | Playback, I can see the ‘adjusted’ remaining time on both the widget and the episode playback screen. However, the ‘non-adjusted’ time is what is displayed in the Queue and Downloads screen and the Subscriptions | selected podcast screen.

Is this expected behavior? It seems like if the toggle is on it should display the ‘adjusted’ time in all the various screens for consistency.

That is intended behavior. If we did change the speed for non-playing episodes, users would probably be confused all the time (increasing the amount of user support we need to do). It is confusing because there are podcast-specific speed, temporary episode-specific speed, video episode speed, and current playback speed. Most of the time, it works exactly as one would expect it to work (the complexity is all in the background and it just “magically” does the thing one would expect), but seeing multiple episodes in a list that are all scaled with different and hard-to-predict speed factors would be hard to understand.

I should have specified, I’m talking about currently playing content/episodes. Is that still expected behavior?

Yeah, that’s also expected behavior

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