Alarmclock function in Anthennapod

It would be nice to get an alarm clock function in AnthennaPod.

Welcome to the community. This seems a bit like feature creep. Are you requesting this because you fall asleep listening to podcasts (no judgement, I do most nights)?

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No I want to wake up with a Podcast. I dont want a beep sound in AnthennaPod. Anthennapod should work like a clock radio.

Again, this feels like feature creep for AP to me, but I wonder if what you are looking for could be accomplished with a home assistant (I happen to use Google Assistant/Home) routine? I don’t know that AP can be used as a target but since YouTube has podcast functionality now maybe it could be?

I am not sure developing an alarm clock and integrating it in AntennaPod will happen. It would somewhat add a whole new app that would need to be maintained.

Still maybe it is possible to achieve what you want using an app like tasker.


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