Android 13 update causing issues with lock-screen and menu "miniplayer"

Since updating to Android 13 on a Pixel 4a 5G I am having issues with the miniplayer functionality. It will only appear on the lockscreen or in the drag down menu if I resume playback from within the app itself (widget will resume playback, but will not spawn the miniplayer). The miniplayer will then disappear at some point - I have not identified a cause or timeframe that is consistent, but this behaviour started immediately after completing the update which seems to have also updated the miniplayer appearance.

I haven’t spotted any current topics for this and the troubleshooting that I saw for some of the Android 12 issues hasn’t worked.


I have not seen this behavior since upgrading to Android 13. If the “miniplayer” is not on the lockscreen or notification drawer, resuming playback from the widget makes it appear.

Have the same issue with Pixel 6 pro Android 13 and latest update

I’m also having this problem; I’m happy to send logs or something or help debug this; i don’t really know how to debug android apps though.

Also having this issue. Got a Pixel 7 a couple months ago and it’s not acting like my previous phones. The mini player will appear on the lock screen, but if I stop playback it will disappear after several minutes. The mini player is removed from the lock screen and if I pull down that menu. This is also(apparently) interfering when I connect to Bluetooth or headphones. I get no auto payback when connecting.

I use a Samsung A52s and I have the same issue on Android 13.
The lock screen widget disappears after some time once I pause playback. The time frame isn’t consistent. It can take seconds or minutes some times.
This issue can occur if I pause playback using the widget or the bluetooth headset.

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Disappearing lock screen widget on pause also seen on my Samsung S10e with Android 12. Can be immediate or after a random period.

If there are other paused media apps it’s less likely to disappear immediately but may still do so. Dragging/Expanding another notification will reveal the widget, it’s just being hidden on the lock screen. On my phone in the settings you can make it appear by double tapping the clock but still an annoying extra step.

Not an issue on my pixel 4a

Check to make sure you haven’t got any battery optimization going on for antenna pod guys

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