Android Auto compatibility

App version: 1.8.3 (F-Droid)

Feature you want:
Control AntennaPod from Android Auto.
I keep seeing how the Google Poscasts app is handling this and it’s a completely different experience.

Suggested solution:
Adding Android Auto support.

Screenshots / Drawings / Technical details:

I will attach Google Podcasts screenshots if needed.

Thank you!

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AntennaPod should already support Android Auto and the technical details you linked are implemented. I do not use a car, so I do not have experience with Android Auto, though.

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Hmmm so it’s not working :slight_smile:
I wish I could send you my car to try but it’s not so easy…

Anything I can do to help you test it on my side?
Currently AntennaPod doesn’t even appear in the list of available car apps.

Maybe you have to enable something like “unknown sources” in Android Auto if the app is not downloaded from Google Play.

I’ll sure search for it but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such setting anywhere.
If you have any clue where I should find it I’ll be thankful!

I can also see that there’s an DHU option to make your computer act like an Android Auto display:

I just checked: The Google Play version of AntennaPod is approved by Google for Android Auto. Apparently, there is a developer mode for Android Auto that allows to enable unknown sources. F-Droid is signed with a different key, so it is probably not approved by default.

Alternatively, you can switch to the Google Play version :slight_smile:


Seems legit, I’ll try both methods upon my upcoming visit to the car, thank you!

Let me know what you find out :slight_smile:

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I did! I still need to figure out how to make it work directly, at first the app is unavailable and when I start playing on my phone it becomes available.

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