Android Auto support?

I’m using AP 3.1.1 (8073de55a)
There used to be good Android Auto support, but looks like it’s not working now. Has it been removed?

I feel like it was a user-selectable option, along with casting to Google devices…

Worked fine for me today on 3.1.1. I didn’t change any settings to activate it – just plugged in to car and it was ready to go.

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AntennaPod works on Android Auto.

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See also Playback in cars (Android Auto) – AntennaPod

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I’m also experiencing this same issue.

@EricWhite are you running AntennaPod downloaded from Google Play store or FDroid?

Pretty sure my AntennaPod is installed from Play Store, so nothing needed to be changed.
After checking “Customize launcher” in Android Auto settings, I found that AntennaPod was “hidden”.
Not sure why or how that happened; pretty sure I didn’t do it manually.

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