Android download folder

Newbie here. Is it possible to get Antennapod to save downloads to a different location?


In settings and download you can choose which folder is used by AntennaPod.

Thanks, I thought that, but only get one option.

Here’s a screenshot.

You’re right, I forgot but I believe it’s no longer possible to choose another folder. I believe it was related to Android authorisation but don’t remember exactly.

And yes I don’t understand either because other apps I know (not files manager one) don’t seem to have problems. But maybe it’s because I am still using Android 11?

Relevant feature request on GitHub, where development happens: Allow exact control of download location · Issue #2379 · AntennaPod/AntennaPod · GitHub

Not sure why it’s not currently possible and how it could be made to work, though. And there is some link with the Android version you’re on indeed, it seems.

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