Android Tile for Subscription Refresh and Download

App version: x.y.z (state whether from Google Play/F-Droid/Custom built APK)


Problem you may be having, or feature you want:
The Android tiles, seen when one pulls down once and more tiles when a second pulldown occurs from any unlocked phone, currently has one AntennaPod tile which appears to start/stop playback.

This ask covers a request to make a second tile to refresh the subscriptions and trigger any autodownloads pursant to other options (wifi, battery, etc)

Suggested solution:
Add a new Tile that allows me to refresh my subscriptions within my other Android Tiles.

Screenshots / Drawings / Technical details:

Not a bad idea if it’s something that can be implemented, like a user definable action with the tile. Not sure what the restrictions might be for those Quick Settings tiles.

Would also address this complaint…

To me, it feels a bit out of place to have a tile for refreshing. Note that you can already create a shortcut icon for that by long-pressing the AntennaPod icon.

I would use this proposed tile usually before leaving the wifi at work on the way home, or before leaving the house, to pick up all the new podcasts available.

Podcast Addict has such a refresh tile, and I miss that functionality with AntennaPod.

Related, the timing of the refreshing subscriptions doesn’t work out for me that well given it’s multi-hour approach. I only need to refresh certain times for sure, and ad-hoc otherwise as needed.

The icon is interesting. I keep my main page pretty minimal, so I’d have to demote something else for this icon/shortcut. It’d be a couple taps over the proposed tile.

Would not having an automated refresh at a time and interval that fits in with you shortly leaving home or shortly leaving work fit the bill? Restricting the refresh to do nothing if relying on mobile data rather than wifi. Even less user interaction than having a lock screen widget.

In my case I start listening to podcasts as I leave home or leave work so would be opening the app anyway at which point a manual refresh is only a swipe away.

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Oh yes, that’d be nice, but a much larger feature ask probably with it’s own plan.

Ideally, something like the Google Clock Alarm scheduling (time vs day of week) would be soooo perfect.

I was thinking using the existing functionality.