Anntenapod as DMS and DMC (dlna/upnp)


Whats about anntenapod would be the abilty to be a Digital Media Server (DMS) and Digital Media Controller (DMC) ind the upnp/dlna world?

Thanks, thk_ms

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I remember DLNA from back in the day. I wonder how many people still use DLNA?

I would use it, if antenna pod would support it. Or is there an alternative to play podcast on my home speakers, if one doesn’t want to use Bluetooth.

There is casting. Curious as to why not just use Bluetooth though?

I like to listen to podcast while cooking, but unfortunately my microwave (which i use often fpr cooking) interferes with bluetooth, so i was hoping streaming over wifi would work better.

Seems like your short time solution might be to use wired headphones @Slomo17.

Not having any clue about what the terms initially mentioned mean, I searched wikipedia and found this: Digital Living Network Alliance

While it might be a long way for such functionality to possibly reach AntennaPod, that journey could start with someone interested in it to investigate whether is would at all be feasible. Are there any available libraries for Android delivering the desired functionality?

This request on GitHub: Streaming to dlna/upnp devices (proof of concept available) · Issue #961 · AntennaPod/AntennaPod · GitHub