Another AntennaPod clone

I think I just found another one.

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What should we do?

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I guess the best would be to be able to contact them. (And / or fill a complain ?)

I saw from English comments people which reported that it was a clone. I upvoted there comments.
In French there was only 3/4 comments and I added one to warn that it is a copy.


If the clone has the “add local folder” feature, it is based on AntennaPod 2.1 or newer. Because AntennaPod 2.1+ is GPL licensed, all clones that have the local folders feature have to be open-source. If they are open-source, then what they are doing is legally allowed. If they aren’t, they are infringing the copyright.

Thanks @peakvalleytech for pointing this one out.

It does not have local folder support, so they’re from the MIT-license-era. Still, they removed the About section. Doesn’t MIT (the license of their version) also require attribution?

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I’m reporting it for copyright infringement

According to the license, this information should have been included by the app:

The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

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Another update: As for the version, this must be pre-2.0.0 It still has the old logo in the playback notification.

Here's the app screenshots



I’ve submitted the DMCA report. Let’s see what Google will do.

It’s also name-dropping other known apps in its description, probably for search purposes:

You just have to use the search bar to find the overcast you want, or you can take a look at the lists of the most popular pocket casts programs. Once you open a free podcast, you just have to select the episode you want to listen to( castbox ).

You can explore pocket casts according to categories and according to the networks they belong to, making it much easier to discover overcast related to your favorites. This podcast app lets you stream podcasts or download podcasts to your device, plus manage the castbox content you post (yes, you can even publish your own podcasts).

(And it includes lies, like being able to publish your own podcasts.)

Ok, confirmation received:


Thanks for reaching out to us.

We have received your legal request. Please note that Google will only email you about this notice if we need additional clarification. If we process and remove all of the identified content from the URLs you provided and do not receive a counternotice, you will not receive any further e-mails about it from Google.


The Google Team

Due to the impact of COVID-19, it may take us longer than usual respond to your request. Our apologies for the inconvenience.


Hope justice will be served!

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And justice is being served. Just received the following email:


Thanks for reaching out to us.

In accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we have completed processing your infringement notice. We are in the process of disabling access to the content in question at the following URL(s):

The content will be removed shortly.

The Google Team