AntennaPod 2.5 release notes

Hello everyone,

@ByteHamster indicated that there’s enough bug fixes and improvements for a new release. Below a list of changes in 2.5.0 - with a record number of Pull Requests: 100! (Well, for when I did the release notes, that is.) This is based on a 2.4.1 vs develop commit comparison, in chronological order of commits.

List of PRs that were merged
PR author title
#5367 ueen Behind-the-scenes code improvements
#5201 ueen Behind-the-scenes code improvements
#5381 peakvalleytech Rename folder to tag
#5243 thrillfall Add synchronization with gPodder Nextcloud server app
#5455 ByteHamster Wait for download completion on initial sync (gPodder + gPodder NC?)
#5437 cdhiraj40 Closing Keyboard when clicked in the background
#5458 ByteHamster Show seekbar instead of huge list to set podcast-specific speed
#5461 tonytamsf List max 100 episodes when browsing a podcast feed in Android Auto
#5462 RafaelBod Warn before manual refresh on mobile data
#5469 ByteHamster Use ff/rew as default notification buttons (remove skip)
#5470 ByteHamster Alert only once when there are multiple new episodes
#5474 TacoTheDank Behind-the-scenes code improvements
#5471 vbh Don’t forget proxy settings when disabling proxy
#5483 johnjohndoe Improve accessibility of back button (TalkBack)
#5486 johnjohndoe Improve rendering of layout previews – Behind-the-scenes code improvement?
#5485 ByteHamster Show actual error messages instead of just the error codes
#5487 ByteHamster Behind-the-scenes code improvements
#5422 TacoTheDank Make navigation bar color match theming
#5396 thomasdomingos Add ‘Duration’ to Episode Filter for podcast Auto Download Settings
#5492 ByteHamster Sort queue in dictionary order
#5493 ByteHamster Open Apple podcast URLs
#5494 ByteHamster Don’t let queue lock influence swiping
#5497 ByteHamster Fix seeking/scrubbing while paused
#5499 ByteHamster Make gpodder sync error message human-readable
#5501 ByteHamster Allow connecting to feeds signed with user certificate authority
#5498 ByteHamster Behind-the-scenes code improvements
#5496 ByteHamster Add screen with downloaded episodes to Android Auto
#5503 ByteHamster Remember password when adding new feed (when failing with wrong credentials)
#5504 ByteHamster Don’t attempt to open AntennaPod database as OPML file
#5505 ByteHamster Don’t auto download when on metered network & when not allowed on mobile network
#5506 ByteHamster Don’t load episode cover image when on mobile & when not allowed on mobile network
#5508 ByteHamster Respond to physical keyboard shortcut for music player
#5509 ByteHamster Ignore item tags that are not inside a channel
#5510 ByteHamster Consider proxy settings also for streaming
#5511 ByteHamster Fix wrong button icon sometimes being displayed when and after downloading
#5514 ByteHamster By default pause when audio is being interrupted (e.g. with notifications)
#5515 ByteHamster Show more detailed statistics for podcasts
#5520 ByteHamster Behind-the-scenes code improvements
#5516 ByteHamster Fix auto-download retrying infinitively
#5525 ByteHamster Fix crash when skipping paused episode
#5526 ByteHamster Minor crash fixes
#5523 vbh Add way to add podcast shortcut on home screen
#5528 ByteHamster Behind-the-scenes code improvements
#5531 ByteHamster Fix a few paddings
#5532 ByteHamster Fix crash when deleting feed
#5533 ByteHamster Fix full player details not geting updated when initiating ‘preview’ or streaming
#5534 ByteHamster Respect ‘show remaining time’ setting in widget
#5536 ByteHamster Fix crash when sync provider is null
#5541 ByteHamster Warn about using debug version
#5544 ByteHamster Fix Permission issues when sharing media files
#5545 ByteHamster Mention ad blockers on streaming error dialog
#5135 tonytamsf Make it slightly harder to swipe episodes
#5546 ByteHamster Fix sometimes showing incorrect position when continuous playback is disabled
#5547 ByteHamster Don’t reload image when download status changes (causes flickering)
#5551 ByteHamster Better handle HTML tags in podcast & episode titles
#5555 ByteHamster Fix crash when opening chapters dialog twice
#5564 ByteHamster Fix short flash of long stats table when showing short one
#5565 ByteHamster Behind-the-scenes code improvements
#5553 vbh Add ‘add to tag’ option to multiselect menu
#5521 ByteHamster Remove support for old Android versions (Android 4.3 and older)
#5558 johnjohndoe Behind-the-scenes code improvements
#5518 ByteHamster Re-implement Chromecast support
#5538 vbh Add preference to show podcast titles on subscription screen
#5577 ByteHamster Behind-the-scenes code improvements
#5582 TacoTheDank Behind-the-scenes code improvements
#5585 ByteHamster Fix favorites export when item does not have website
#5371 TacoTheDank Behind-the-scenes code improvements
#5592 ByteHamster Behind-the-scenes code improvements
#5593 ByteHamster Fix local folders being attempted to sync
#5594 ByteHamster Improve translations of confirmation when batch-deleting episodes
#5595 ByteHamster Behind-the-scenes code improvements
#5581 TacoTheDank Behind-the-scenes code improvements
#5588 silansuslu Add physical keyboard shortcuts for going to the top and bottom of podcast list
#5600 ByteHamster Immprove duplicate episode detection
#5601 vbh Add ability to rename tags
#5613 tonytamsf Fix mobile download confirmation being shown when on VPN
#5580 TacoTheDank Behind-the-scenes code improvements
#5609 tonytamsf Fix download continuing with mobile data after lost WiFi signal
#5611 tonytamsf Fix playback resuming when reconnecting headphones while episode was paused
#5631 tonytamsf Fix crash when in airplane mode
#5628 rubenh-be Fix playback notification remaining when playing episode is deleted
#5632 JonOfUs Fix ‘Set SleepTimer’ and ‘Disable SleepTimer’ shown at the same time
#5634 ByteHamster Print more episode details in error message for duplicate episodes
#5626 vbh Simplify & improve episode sharing
#5629 shombando, widlok Add ability to sort local files by filename
#5584 TacoTheDank Behind-the-scenes code improvements
#5620 agibault Try to fetch feed URL if missing from listing in Discover screen
#5637 ByteHamster Behind-the-scenes code improvements
#5612 tonytamsf Fix password-protected files not always being downloaded
#5638 ByteHamster Fix password-protected files not always being streamed
#5639 ByteHamster Fix crash when switching apps while share dialog is open
#5624 tonytamsf Fix skipping an episode sometimes resets playback status of the following episode
#5642 ByteHamster Behind-the-scenes code improvements
#5530 ByteHamster Behind-the-scenes code improvements
#5644 ByteHamster Show progress indicator (spinner) in top bar when refreshing local feeds
#5648 TacoTheDank Improve accessibility of multi-select action buttons (TalkBack)
#5625 tonytamsf Fix crash when right-clicking episode with physical mouse
#5656 ByteHamster Behind-the-scenes code improvements
#5657 ByteHamster Behind-the-scenes code improvements
#5658 ByteHamster Behind-the-scenes code improvements

Now moving on to make draft release notes. Will share it tonight or tomorrow night.


Not yesterday night, not tonight, but this morning. Here’s the changelog I’d like to propose (500 chars exactly - the maximum imposed by Google):

- Synchronization with Nextcloud ("GPodder Sync" app) (@thrillfall)
- 'Duration' filter in podcast-specific auto-download settings (@thomasdomingos)
- 'Downloaded episodes' screen in Android Auto (@ByteHamster)
- Tags (previously folders): add to multiple podcasts via multi-select, rename tags (@vbh)
- Accessibility: more TalkBack (@johnjohndoe @TacoTheDank)
- Improvements for local feeds, mobile connections, physical keyboard/mouse support
- Many minor & bigger bug fixes and other improvements

I just had an idea to bypass the character limit.

Has it been considered to simply release the changelog on the site (or somewhere else like the GitHub releases) and link it in the Google Play Store changelog? I know that StreetComplete does this, for example. I think it would help you have a more detailed list that otherwise wouldn’t be able to fit into the Google Play Store changelog. I suggest this because there may be other changes or additions that users may be confused about (such as the navigation bar color change I made) and may like to have context for.


I think limiting ourselves to 500 characters is actually a good thing. It forces us to highlight the most important features.

This looks a bit complicated. I don’t think we need to mention gpodder there. Just Synchronization with Nextcloud is probably enough.

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I think we do. ‘Sync with Nextcloud’ gives the impression that one can interact with the synced podcasts there, just like you can with with images, text and audio files. This also distinguishes the sync from Nextcloud’s Podcast app, which I hope in future we’ll be able to sync with as well.

I’m happy to change the exact phrasing, but finding one that we’ll indicates the aforementioned limitation is hard.

Maybe Synchronization with gpodder server on Nextcloud? It’s already a bit shorter.

For many releases we do already create a blog post. But most users probably won’t be bothered by clicking a link to find more info, while such link takes up precious space in the ‘what’s changed’ block in the Play store. Tech-savvy and curious users will probably be able to find the blog post (via our social media, for example). Confused users hopefully find the way to our forum (not just in case of updated, but also because they’re new, start using a feature for the first time, etc).

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How about synchronization with nextcloud ("gpodder sync" app)?

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2.5.0-beta1 is now rolling out to 10% of the beta testers


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