AntennaPod 2.6 release notes

Hello everyone,

I’ve gotten the green light for preparing the release notes.

Here's the full list of PRs that will end up in AntennaPod 2.6
PR author title type group
#5670 ByteHamster Fix issue viewing video from YouTube feeds bugfix
#5681 ByteHamster Explicitly list m4b as playable file type bugfix
#5679 ByteHamster Nicer placeholder images for podcasts & episodes without cover image (including local feeds) improvement design
#5688 TacoTheDank Fix clipboard deprecation in AddFeedFragment behind-the-scenes improvement
#5707 TacoTheDank Fix some gradle deprecations behind-the-scenes improvement
#5649 TacoTheDank Update Material Components library behind-the-scenes improvement
#5725 ByteHamster Shrink discovery section when hidden improvement design
#5702 Silverwarriorin Remove speed indicator from Playback Controls dialog improvement
#5726 ByteHamster Decide whether or not to stream on demand (for local files) bugfix local files
#5731 ByteHamster Remove startWhenPrepared and prepareImmediately behind-the-scenes improvement
#5706 IordanisKokk Add a Statistics button on the Subscriptions toolbar, remove from Settings screen improvement stats screen
#5736 ByteHamster Reset playback position when skipping close to episode end, and ‘smart mark as played’ is active improvement
#5737 ByteHamster Show feed error in dialog instead of opening download log screen when podcast has warning icon improvement
#5739 TacoTheDank Remove unused overridden super calls behind-the-scenes improvement
#5740 ByteHamster Make it easier to play only audio, not video (go to Picture in Picture by default) improvement
#5734 ByteHamster Add a Time-Based statistics filter, slightly change way statistics may be calculated new functionality stats screen
#5735 ByteHamster Add line graph to statistics screen improvement stats screen
#5741 ByteHamster Delete a few unused things behind-the-scenes improvement
#5742 TacoTheDank Replace deprecated JobIntentService with WorkManager behind-the-scenes improvement
#5746 ByteHamster Move strings files to their own module behind-the-scenes improvement
#5752 ByteHamster Fix feed authentication with credentials containing a colon bugfix feed auth
#5753 ByteHamster Do not jump chapter screen when switching to new chapter improvement
#5754 ByteHamster Enable MultiDex behind-the-scenes improvement
#5747 ByteHamster Move statistics screens to new module behind-the-scenes improvement stats screen
#5755 ByteHamster Separate UI (download error messages) from logic (download errors) behind-the-scenes improvement
#5756 ByteHamster Use AndroidX version of MultiDex behind-the-scenes improvement
#5757 ByteHamster Move database to its own module behind-the-scenes improvement
#5762 ByteHamster Use feed url in error messages when no title is available improvement
#5764 NWuensche Correct settings capitalisation improvement
#5767 ByteHamster Make ‘to’ filter of statistics inclusive improvement stats screen
#5630 tonytamsf Add support for podcast 2.0 chapters new functionality chapters
#5769 ByteHamster Extract shownotes from id3 comment field improvement local files
#5778 ByteHamster Don’t cancel download on click bugfix
#5776 ByteHamster Read vorbis description of local files improvement local files
#5781 cketti Improve readability of if condition behind-the-scenes improvement
#5777 ByteHamster, dllmr Ignore itunes:author when not child of channel improvement
#5780 cketti Use ShareCompat.IntentBuilder for all share actions behind-the-scenes improvement
#5759 ByteHamster Make yearly statistics a bar chart improvement stats screen
#5787 cketti Use proper content type and subject when sharing exported HTML/Favorites behind-the-scenes improvement exports
#5792 ByteHamster Show progress when updating local files (as it can take long) improvement local files
#5793 ByteHamster Simplify download notification title improvement
#5809 ByteHamster Fix UI not updating when forwarding while paused bugfix
#5801 TacoTheDank Use more FragmentContainerView behind-the-scenes improvement
#5820 cketti Fully wipe existing files when exporting OPML/HTML/Favorites/Database bugfix exports
#5826 ByteHamster Only store redirect when feed was parsed successfully (avoid captive portal issues) improvement
#5827 ByteHamster Upgrade feed url to https if possible improvement
#5818 nproth Show on-demand configuration popup for stream vs download only once improvement
#5838 ByteHamster Fix ‘loading more’ getting stuck bugfix
#5839 ByteHamster Work around Samsung having messed up the TimePicker improvement
#5835 ByteHamster Restore episode sharing that only includes a media URL improvement
#5842 ByteHamster Design improvements to podcast screen improvement design
#5848 ByteHamster Design improvements to feed filter improvement design
#5852 ByteHamster Clean up duplicate widget updates behind-the-scenes improvement
#5774 nicoolasj Allow adding playback speed to widget improvement
#5853 ByteHamster Translate widget config screen bugfix
#5854 ByteHamster Decouple HttpClient behind-the-scenes improvement
#5856 ByteHamster Don’t load more and more pages when filtering behind-the-scenes improvement
#5857 ByteHamster Decouple preferences behind-the-scenes improvement
#5858 ByteHamster Move feed discovery backends to their own module behind-the-scenes improvement
#5861 ByteHamster Fix exceptional issue with adding password protected feeds bugfix feed auth

And, given the slightly smaller (yet not less impressive) number of changes, we have space to give some special thanks (character count now at 495):

∙ Support for podcast 2.0 chapters (@tonytamsf)
∙ Statistics: filter based on month/year (@ByteHamster), access via button on Subscriptions toolbar instead of Settings (@IordanisKokk)
∙ Local feed bug fixes & improvements (@ByteHamster)
∙ Design improvements (design: George, code: @ByteHamster)
∙ Update feeds to https if possible, better handle captive portal redirects (@ByteHamster)
∙ As always, even though we never list it: new & updated translations (thanks to all our lovely translators)

Dots instead of dashes inspired by Google’s Messages app - hope it increases readability a bit.


The podcast 2.0 chapters are by tony, not taco :slight_smile:

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Whoops, of course. Initial post corrected!

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Should this be Podcasting 2.0 chapter?

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