AntennaPod 3.3.0-beta1, notification buttons setttings strings

Is it normal that setting to choose buttons in notification display the old English strings? (Changed with PR 6276)

I would have expected that the new strings would be displayed. Yet it’s the old untranslated string which is shown.
I mean it’s : “compact notification” and “choose a maximum”. If I understand correctly compact should have been dropped and maximum replaced with “exactly”. (For description I guess it’s the same)

Transifex show only new strings but untranslated strings displayed are still the old one.

To be honest, I messed up beta1 :sweat_smile: I somehow forgot to merge in the actual changes and basically re-released 3.2.0 under a new name. Beta2 will be the actual release. It is still waiting for Google to be reviewed.

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