AntennaPod cannot play in my car

When my AntennaPod loses internet connection, the Spotify playback stops, but when the network is connected again, after some buffering it continues playback. This often happens to me with Android Auto.

In my experience Spotify is one of the worst apps for not resuming after losing and regaining an internet connection but then all the streaming apps I use on occasion are iffy in this respect, That is why wherever possibly I always download podcasts and music I want to listen to while out and about.

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Wait, what? If AntennaPod loses connection Spotify playback stops?

Don’t you mean either of these:

  • If Android loses connection Spotify playback stops
  • If AntennaPod loses connection episode playback stops

If you read the title as part of the sentence then I think the OP means that AP does not resume when the internet connection is lost then regained whereas Spotify does. I guess that is down to if and how AP persists in trying to re-connect presumably how long it gives it before giving up entirely - i think a minute or two is normal for other streaming apps.

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