AntennaPod close itself when turning off screen while playing?

I am not sure but I think there is something wrong at least since 2.0.0 rc 5. (Right now I am using RC 6)

First I thought it was linked to sleep timer because it is happening quite often when starting it and turning off phone screen before going to sleep.
But now trying to trigger it I am not sure it’s related. It looks more like it’s happening when going to player view (and exiting it).
It’s difficult to trigger it but I somewhat I manage to do it with starting to play turning off / on screen, opening player view, going back to queue… I took also a full log just after AntennaPod closed itself if needed.

I am really not sure problem is related to Antenna. Does anybody else noticed the app closing itself while playing and just after turning off or on phone screen?

Stopping when turning off the screen could be caused by vendors not following Google’s Android specifications (Huawei is known for being especially bad about that). You could try adding an exception from battery optimization for AntennaPod.

Stopping when switching from the player to the queue sounds pretty strange and not related to battery optimization.

Awesome, thanks! Could you please send me the log? It probably contains what podcasts you listen to, so if you do not want it to be public, you can just send me a direct message on the forum.

A link on my Google drive for the log : full log

Battery optimization is disabled on my device for AntennaPod. I waited sometimes before reporting it as I am not sure that Antenna is at fault. Yet it feels like there is something going on.

This is definitely a bug in AntennaPod. Thanks a lot for the logs. I created an issue on GitHub:

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