Antennapod does not refresh podcasts until I open the app

App version: 3.2.0

Android version: 10

Device model: X680B infinix

Expected behaviour: The my podcasts refresh every 2 hours.

Current behaviour: Antenna pod only refreshes list if I open the app.

First occurred: From installation

Steps to reproduce:
Not sure

Environment: set auto refresh set to every 2 hours. Auto download enabled.

The same thing happened to me when I started using AntennaPod last month! My phone tries to maximize battery life by restricting which apps can run in the background, which kept feeds from refreshing feeds until the app was opened. Perhaps your phone does this too. For me the setting is “Apps & Notifications > special app access > battery optimization > AntennaPod → unoptimized” and “App blocker > AntennaPod> no restrictions”. Try searching your settings for battery restrictions or optimizations, or these suggestions for an infinix phone:

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