AntennaPod new theme colors

Hello, I primarily write about translations here, but I have a suggestion regarding the AntennaPod app. I wonder why the app theme is limited to only two colors. For instance, I’d like to use an orange-themed interface. Could you please consider adding this feature?

What version are you using? The 3.X version supports Material You and there is a toggle in the User interface section of Settings where you can toggle on Dynamic colors.

Hi, let me aemphasized textnswer your question first, version 3.1.1, you don’t understand what I want to say. I don’t want to choose between black, grey or white. I want to use AntennaPod in the colour I want :slight_smile:

Gotcha, you want to actually be able to specify the color, not just use a color based on the current wallpaper.

As @Nilex already wrote, you can use AntennaPod in orange if your phone’s theme is set to orange. See screenshot below.

We will, however, not add additional themes based on colors that are not the phone’s theme color.

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