antennapod playback stops

Good Morning.

First of all I wanted to congratulate you on your application. I’ve been spending it for a long time and I don’t want another one to play my podcasts. Keep in that way!

Regarding the subject of this email, I wanted to point out a problem that the application may have because it did not happen to me before.
When I start playing a podcast, as soon as the mobile screen turns off, after about a minute the podcast playback stops. If I hit play again, the same thing happens again. To stop the problem from happening to me, I have to get into applications and force them to close from the Android menu. Then I start the application, and leaving the mobile unused as until a few minutes ago, the playback no longer stops until the podcast ends and the next one I have in queue starts automatically, at which point the same thing happens again and it becomes to stop after a minute or two.
I have thought that the problem could be due to energy saving when the screen is turned off but it only happens to me with this application since with Spotify, YouTube and other similar content playback applications, it does not happen to me. And it’s funny that if I close the application completely, open it normally and give it to play, I have no problem until the podcast ends. Yes, it happens to me that, after closing the application and opening it again, if for example I am with WhatsApp or email and after working with it, I leave my mobile still until the screen turns off, the podcast also it stops playing and must be forced to close again and start it again.
This problem is quite annoying especially if I am using the podcast playback while traveling with my vehicle since I have to listen to it or I have to manipulate the phone for a few seconds while driving to continue listening to the next one. That is why I am telling you to see if they can solve it or it could be an option in the application or in Android with your app and the energy saving, which causes the problem. And before the last or last apps, it always worked fine for me.
Otherwise the application is wonderful!

My phone is a Pocophone F1 with Android 10 and Miui 11 updated.

Thank you very much for everything.


Are you using Exoplayer for media playback in the playback settings? That usually fixes things for people with 1.8.1 or less. What version of Antennapod are you using?

I spent version 1.8.1 and had the Exoplayer player on. I did not imagine that the problem could be due to the player. It was change to the Sonic Media Player program and it seems that the problem has ended.

Thank you for your attention!!


Sure thing. Feel free to experiment with all 3 playback options to see what works best for you.

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I do have the same problem (Samsung S10, Android 12, AntennaPod 2.4.2) - I have choosen the possible players, but it stops after a short while


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Same for me. Exoplayer in 2.4.2. Xiaomi. Playback always stops the first time after a few seconds

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